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My iMac is very grouchy.



Clearly, the RED CAMP fever has not subsided for many red campers.

Now, Matthew, one of the bubbly hosts from Red Camp 5, has posted a poll calling for all red campers to settle the score, once and for all.

Alright, so it is not all business. After all, Red Camp 5 is over…

(PSST. Centurions! our tribe is losing in terms of votes. severely. poll quick!)

… Which is precisely why I am blogging about it all over again to satisfy the withdrawal syndrome I am suffering from.

Red Camp 5 was phenomenal.
And that, is an understatement.


CEN-TUR-IONS! (hate to love us peeps.)

Note: Viewer discretion is advised.
The following content may disturb you emotionally, physically and even mentally. You may be freaked out of your wits, and may never, ever, look at cute cuddly pooches the same way again.

You have been warned.

So my Sunday mornings are usually spent in the kitchen, mostly munching on breakfast my parents get from our neighbourhood marketplace, or watching a random programme on TV.

Today, I have decided to put my extremely mediocre photography skills to the test, and have captured rather extraordinary photos of my lovable mutts in action. Or in inactivity.

Ordinarily, they are an adorable bunch. Today… Is obviously not their day.


Above, you see a possibly rabies-infested dog, on the verge of gnawing ripping your toe off with its bare teeth. Actually, it was just me, cheekily sneaking a shot when (Jazmyn) she was yawning.

Jazmyn’s not infected by rabies, really.
However, I cannot guarantee she does not act like one sometimes.


This is Hazel, baring her teeth and looking demonically possessed (thoroughly).
Well, I wish to think she is indeed Hell’s gift to our family (she’s a really wrecker), but normally, she smells like a honey coated cinnamon roll. Which, only makes her cuter.

I took this while she was gnawing her bone and in the shadows (check out what it did to her eye whites… gone!)


Fierce! As you can tell, she does not mind the attention. That is because she has what I call “the only child syndrome”. If she does not own the spotlight, no one can.

(eh, whatever.)

Now, out with the fearsome and in with the winsome. Kawaii* moments with the not-so-kawaii dogs with behavioural issues.


Candidly charming as this may be, trust me, this is no simple pooch. Summer (above) is a cross between a Chihuahua and a breed with anger issues.

However, she churns out the best shots, ever.
My favourite camera-ready model of the household. (work it!)



If Summer does not make you go “awwww”, this will. Here’s my perv of a spouse (i am secretly married to him), Timee. Boasted to be the actual charmer (in looks) of the house, the deserving title pales in comparison to the way he acts around female pooches.


He may be peculiar in his own sort, but did I tell you he has the most beautiful shades of brown for his coat? I am talking about chiffon, chocolate, and the gentlest touch of cream white (white is not considered brown, but… still.).

My mutts may be dysfunctional (and spoilt rotten!), they truly do simplify my life when everything around me gets a whole lot complicated.

Love your dogs kids.

*Kawaii means cute in Japanese.

My computer… is in a state of distress.
Apparently, it has gone (extremely) wacky and blacks out whenever it pleases.

Oh computer, when will I ever understand you…


(technological blues.)


(4E3 along with our mentors for Mother Tongue, Math (Additional and Elementary), Geography and English)

Prom came approximately four days after my last O Level paper. I tried to keep my appearance hushed (quite nutty of me to do so), but it was for the better. I did second guessed my initial dressing (of three quarter jeans and a simplistic dressy top), which caused me to change my entire get-up. Except for the shoes.

Ours took place at Hilton Furama City Centre, at the edge of Chinatown.

Thanks to Bang Yan’s dad, I was chauffeured to the event.
Much love!

(Bang Yan, looking superbly dapper. Yes, and decked out in a million dollar power suit! He’s the man.)

Upon entering Furama (we entered through the shopping centre instead), we were appalled by the grimy and dingy interiors. A sudden thought struck me, “do tourists even shop in here?” I guess we took the lift we took was also different from the rest. Considering there was a proper main lobby… (from the hotel)

Let’s see. Different entrance. Check. Different elevator. Check. What else might there be…

And yes. The interiors (of the elevator) was equally dingy. Creepy in a god-knows-what-people-do-in-there sort of way.

Surprisingly, lo and behold, the elevator bell ding!ed, and the doors slid open to reveal… a marble wall. Okay, a little maneuvering led to the main “reception desk”, where Miss Chew and Miss Ang were seated, taking the attendance.

Standing by the reception desk, Miss Ang cheerfully grinning at me, while Miss Chew asked, “Alyssa… Card? (invitation card)” I think. Everything is a blur to me now.

(keep in mind that this is the best recap i have)

After waiting for my schoolmates to snip a strip from my invitation card which reads my serial number for the lucky draw that is to take place during prom, I looked around nervously.

I was lost. Utterly lost. In a sea of schoolmates. dressed in something other than our standard uniform…

I stood around with the guys and tried to remain as calm as possible. In the distance, I saw Mr Bambang (in black), while Mrs Peng’s (she was wearing contact lenses, and a dress. a dressy dress.) voice rung inches away from from me. Said hi to Mrs Peng, and probably cowered back to a spot before the grand doors to the grand ballroom swung open.

Jeremy was flying all about the place that I simply could not grab him to my ole faithful companion for the graduation tea (our prom), so I ended up sitting next to Bang Yan at a table assigned to our class.

Eventualy, I migrated to another table when more guys joined the table. Guys and gals were separate entities. The only exception being Chew Yi and Wei Jie being stuck to ours. They hadn’t a choice. The boys table ran out of seats for them.


(our table shot. both nominees for Most Elegant and Well-groomed Hillgrovian came from our very table!)

The event kicked off (in a grand ballroom, which was not the least huge, as suggested, grand.) with Mrs Yeow and her welcoming speech. A catwalk ensued, with each class nominating two deserving individuals for the Most Elegant chick and Most Well-Groomed guy.

Pei Shan and Chew Yi graced the stage on our behalf.

(Ah Shan jie, our prom queen/most elegant babe and I)

Soon after, it was presentation after presentation from classes, tributing the special moments all of us had in school.
Admittedly, our class video had my eyes nearly welling up in tears when Miss Tan’s (Hui Min) photograph of her at our farewell party (to her) flashed for seconds in the video.

It was until the second lucky draw (there were twenty prizes to be won, so they broke it up into two segments, ten each) that our class performed an original composition by Lina.
Technical glitches caused aplenty of delays.

Hence I warmed up the moment phototaking was in process, which all of us running from table to table, frantically documenting each and everyone of each other, whether in photo or video.

(Zi Ya! You and your infectious laughter is one to be missed.)

(Lina, our homegrown musical talent of a girl. Pretty too. However, under all these facades… She’s is one energetic gal!)

(Babe-licious Giovanna. Don’t deny this.)

(Avalyn! My xiao da. She’s adorable like that. You should have seen the dress she came in, stunning!)

(AHEMAHEM Matthew lover alert. She complimented this photo to be the first best photo taken of her. :D)

(Jess’s such a sweetie. Will miss her clumsy talk.)

(Shu Ting, dressed glamourously, and I. we love to poke fun of each other. always.)

(tiffany! looking kawaii-neh in her japanese schoolgirl outfit. most unique style for the night. truly.)

(Britney girlfriend! Otherwise known as Nicole (scherzinger). This woman was camera-ready all the time. Will miss you! In the ayer. Remember that.)

(Elaine! pal of a pal. miss you, always.)

(Wei Lun, the cow who loves his grass raw. he’s not as serious as he looks. you should see him when he’s with the guys and in class, total madness.)

(from left to right: Sui Hang, Joakim and I. the two crazies in class. one rathers be called xiao hang while the other persistently calls me professor shrimp. response: amused, and unamused respectively.)

(Me, Jourdan, our resident joker, and Terence, the guy with a few words but humourous in the most simplest of ways ever.)

(hey! Adrian, the boy I rarely talk to (shame on me), Jason (ditto, but we talk online now. furthermore, he looks real cool in shades. shock!), and I.)

(Choon Chor. Serious and crazy all at once.)

(Hui Kai! I met her in Math Olympiad. Adorable and friendly girl.)

(G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S say… Rachel!)

(Agnes and I. classy dress. envy! :P)

The sweetest offer came from Mr Bambang as I was just, by chance (i swear this was not planned), I was standing in his line of sight, so he beckoned to me and said, “Hey Alyssa! I want to take a photo with you.”

Bb and i.jpg
(Left: me. Right: Mr Bambang. Most creatively/artistically shot photo of the afternoon.)

Okay, he’s a nice teacher and friendly one too. If anyone told you he was fierce and intimidating (that’s maybe when you anger him), they are obviously lying.

So the day ended as such. I took plenty of photos with nearly all of my classmates, plus some adorable friends I’ve met along the way (in school).

It is really true, what the seniors say about secondary school.
They are the best times of your life.

(Miss Ang! and I. Greatest math guru alive. Trust me on this juniors. Look out for Miss Chong and Madam Lee too. The formidable mathematics trio.)

Shoutout to 4E3 ’08:
See you guys on results day! Never give up dreaming people, optimism’s the key to success. Really.

Shoutout to the teachers:
I wish Mrs Tai was there to take a photo with me. Also, I would taken one with Miss Chew and Mrs Peng in it. Well, if I could (take a photo) with all the teachers, that would have been swell. 🙂

P.S. Other photos will be posted the moment I get them. Bi Yu! 😀 Oh and Tasya too. Holler!

Christmases are never “let’s see what Santa left us in our stockings!” or “let’s see what Santa left for us in under the tree!”. (though we all know it’s our parents that are playing Santa) No, my family is not big on Christmas.

Actually, every festive occasion is another day for all of us. We just make it a point to gather for a home-cooked feast by our fabulous resident chef, my mom. So this Christmas, I have decided to gift myself with something a little extra.

Instead of a Christmas pine tree (that obviously would have a squished top, considering the height of my ceiling.), I have dressed up my iMac.

Introducing… (jingle bells)


My MacTree! Yep, thanks to the leftover strip of ribbon from a school project, I have lamely tied it around the joint connecting the screen and main body of my computer together.

Merrrrryyyyy Christmas!

P.S. Modern dancers (Avalyn!), you would find this oddly familiar (the ribbon), no?

(three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for FREEBIES!)

An (in body) aching me.

Although this was very much expected as I walked out with my arms and hips hurting me from Hop Nite last night.

That goes to show how missing half a year of Modern Dance has taken a toll on me.
Stiffened muscles.

Anyhow, I am simply spending my time resting and taking a step back from all the excitement. After all, I have to remind myself that the fun and euphoria is over, and that it is back to life and the future ahead.

Honestly, I am on tenterhooks as to how my O Level results will be turning out next January.

It might have been over… But it is not over until I am sitting in one of the lecture halls in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Till then, the thought of fear runs amok in my mind.

Patience Alyssa, patience…