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Alyssa is procrastinating. Alyssa is supposed to be working on a report but chomps on near-tasteless watermelon cubes (because she is desperately craving for fruits) and blogs instead.

Alyssa shall be unproductive for as long as she writes this post.

Today, I allowed myself to be frustrated over minutes. Yes. Those formal notes that recounts a discussion in a meeting.

Thankfully, it was only a practice session and that Cui Xin (my angelic course mate) was by my side to maintain my sanity. (We were granted the privilege to work in pairs or threes.)

Today, I had finally immersed myself in the role of a business student.

Boy, I swear never to look at group discussions the same again.

To sum up all the distorted feelings I am undergoing this day, I am actually speaking about a foundation module, Business Communication, I am currently enrolled in as an Accountancy student. Basically, the module equips you with the basic skills of a presentation, email writing (yes you heard me right), discussion, minutes, reports and citations (to quote where to lifted your research from).

If there is anything I can urge you to do, kiss your English teacher for handing you formal letter writing exercises.

Now, Alyssa has to be dead serious and get working. That means reflecting on her first semi-poorly written email assessment.

In a stern response, I will quote what my mom had once said: “You win some, you lose some.”


To all who smiled, expressed their “Thank you”s, bowed and looked at me right in the face and grinned…

You guys made my day.

I hope my candies brightened yours.

GEE! I can’t wait till the next V Day rolls around!

It’s official.
I am a procrastinator.

It is close to two weeks and I have yet to put a face to Facebook.

I ought to be flamed.


Powerful, ain’t it?