The Great Exposé, Long Endurance Walks and The Ugly Truth.

Posted on: October 13, 2009

Brace yourself. This post is going to blow your mind away with its ultra lengthiness! (And it all fell within 24 hours)

The Great Exposé

It was a dark and cool Sunday night. The night when I got a break from my second Root Canal Treatment on one of my decayed molars. All the scrapping, drilling and prodding of my gums deeply etched in the depths of my mind. Truly, it was one kind of traumatising experience.

Though really, it goes to show how low my threshold of pain is. I am such a weakling.

Then it happened. As I was done with my routine nightly teeth-brushing, I peered into my mouth and gasped. The temporary filling on the on-treatment molar has been removed, leaving a shallow dent. I didn’t even know what was left exposed. God how I felt miserable for the entire night and following morning. Just when did the filling fall out?

Before I knew it, it was back to the dentist the following afternoon. Apparently, I must have chewed way above my chewing limit on the side of my on-treatment molar, causing the filling to fall off. That blows. That afternoon, I underwent a filling replacement surgery. All I recalled of it was seeing litres of sterile soultion (which smelt like bleach) being pumped into my tooth, as well as more scrapping and picking and prodding at it.

After that visit, it would be my third visit in a span of 5 days. (Note to self: Must love rubber gloves and clinical atmosphere… Must love rubber gloves and clinical atmosphere…)

Moral of the story: Go for regular tooth checkups. Whatever the cost, it beats paying hundreds or even thousands of bucks for an intensive treatment like mine. Dentistry is there for a reason!

Long Endurance Walks

The 12th day of October was the day of my second BBQ with my tutorial group. TA29 and another lot of crazies some Banking and Finance (BFS) students. Who said Accounting students don’t have a life?

I started my walk from Westmall, straight after my dental treatment. Thereafter I caught a 985 and changed to 31 at Kallang. Hello Parkway Parade! It’s the second time in a year that I’ve been to Marine Parade. Surely I know my way to East Coast Park from there… Right?

15 minutes later, I was by pit 28C. An uber far distance from Parkway Parade. Not too long before, I was walking doubly fast in the rumoured to be haunted underpass to the park. God how the sweeper in the tunnel must have stared me down like I’m some kind of loony tune. After all, there was a steady frequency of cyclists entering and exiting the underpass. Surely it cannot be that creepy. Again, evidence that I am a weakling through and through.

Back at the pit, everything was in full swing. With some of the boys setting the pit up and ready to grill. That time, I helped in loosening the mock crabsticks from its plastic wrapping and pretty much flipped a couple of processed food on the grill.

A smart move, considering how no one can blame me for food contamination (the processed food are already cooked beforehand). Plus, I was not cooking on the supposed dirty grill and was cooking on top of the sterile wire mesh propped atop the dirty grill.

Kiss the chef people. 😀

Anyhoo, I retired soon after by stuffing my face silly with cooked chicken fillets after chicken fillet plus some more processed food like frankfurters, otak and imitation crabsticks. Satay too.

That was not all. I even devoured skewers of marshmellows. Yes oh yes. BBQs with moi truly will only leave you penniless when I order you to purchase sacks of marshmellows for my devouring pleasure. You’d better pray I don’t demand for chocolate fondue.

However, I managed to smear my fluffy delights with butter, much to others’ aghast. After all, it was a little kooky and out-of-this-world to some. Can’t blame them. It’s a little on the wonky and acquired side. In short, not for the faint hearted and clogged arteries. If you’re curious to know how butter marshmellows taste like, it’s a salty and sweet combination. Creamy on all levels, packed with 400 calories. Beware.

The night ended with wild dancing (not me, some friend of mine by the name of Melvin Lee), food-throwing and the inevitable food wastages. Oh, there was some vodka mixing involved in the midst of the BBQ.

What can I say? We’re all in the formative years of alcohol fascination!

My night really ended on a trip home by the same way I got to Parkway Parade. What a night, what a night.

The Ugly Truth

zev and justin(From left to right) Zev, 26 and Justin, 30.

Sad to say, it’s not the movie I will be reviewing. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been telling myself rather repetatively that I am never to watch predictable and cheezy chick flicks, ever ever again. All I permit myself to watch or read are those heart-warming and non-ritualistic self-sacrifical kinds. (Read: Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. Reserve it at the library for only $1.55 nett!)

What I meant was The Ugly Truth of the Amazing Race. What the fish paste and wonderboys. Zev and Justin have been eliminated from the race. Upon my mom breaking the news to me, I swore my interest in the reality programme wanned. To make matters worse, the deservingly eliminated team Maria and Tiffany came in 8th due the twist of fate.

THE AMAZING RACE 15(From left to right) Maria, 26 and Tiffany, 25. The two who should scram home to their Professional Poker playing holes.

Fate is too cruel an entity.

My support for Zev and Justin began in the first episode on the second leg of the race, where contestants were to round up flocks of ducks to a specific pen. It was a roadblock and Zev swooped right to the ducks to guided them smoothly to their pen. That was when Justin proclaimed Zev to be a “Duck Whisperer”. It was one of those endearing moments in the race where no yelling and all patience were involved. I mean, some teams truly polluted the air with their saliva and over-the-top screaming and frustration. Was it really necessary?!

In yesterday’s episode (third if I am not wrong), Zev and Justin were the first to arrive at the pit stop pad, only to be slapped with a potential elimination should they not uncover the Zev’s lost passport (along the route of that leg of the race) before the last team arrives. Also, owning a passport is a condition to continue in the race.

Unfortunately, the passport was never found and much hated Maria and Tiffany could comfortingly wipe sweat off their brows. They have been saved from being eliminated in the race… For the second time (first being in the first leg).

Now, I am stuck at which team to support. Brian and Ericka? Sam and Dan?

One thing’s for sure. Maria and Tiffany have to go, regardless of the 2 admirable Wasabi bombs Maria endured.


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