Shakira Did It Again

Posted on: February 16, 2010

You have a horrible boyfriend and you need to let off steam. What better way to do it than hit the sauna with a 15-women posse and have a dance-off with the man later! Female Korean drummers excluded.

After watching the 3.28 minute clip for the 5th time, I am more than determined to comment on it. First of all, bless the anticipative steady tempo of the drumming for the first 5 seconds. Probably caught your attention long enough to stick around for Shakira’s opening lyrics, “First floor, room 16…”. More on the deep heaving and exhaling later.

5 seconds in and we’re treated to our first glimpse of Shakira and her 15-women posse all decked out in white in a sauna. No idea why they are clothed but by golly it must have been sweltering enough for the lady to be holding a rolled up towel! Oh, my bad. It was a scene transitional prop; the kind you throw towards the camera that viewers are utterly captivated by it they have to stop and stare then boom! New scene.

In a clever relation, we see dolled up Shakira brandishing a white rolled-up towel and hurling it in the direction of a potentially emotionally wrecked man. In one skillful catch-and-release, the towel was banished to a corner by the man. There we begin our dance-off!

Interestingly, this dance genre is known as Contact Improvisation. For a moment, I got thought it was jazzy, tango-inspired version of Capoeira, then I remembered Capoeira is a non-contact art form. So what is Contact Improvisation? Basically, it is a dance form where the  point of contact between 2 dancers are to spark off an impromptu dance move (them taking turns to dance) and like the name suggests, no prior choreography involved. Personally, I enjoy watching the dance as the unpreparedness really showcases a dancer’s creativity and awareness to space and most importantly, their partners. Also, the fluidity of the movements and how each dance piece is a story-teller transforms each dance into a masterpiece.

Okay, back to the video.

Simply put, Shakira and her man (b-boy Daniel “Cloud” Campos) engaged in a show-and-tell of their rocky relationship, the endless fights and yup, the kiss-and-make-up moments. Some segments of the dance were particularly sexually-charged, but the rest was pretty much frustration, frustration, frustration.

What I liked most of the video are the nuanced slow-mo highlights, especially when Shakira, off the bed,  twirls him off her arms and takes on a matador stance and her hair is being suspended in mid-air. “Stunning” left my lips for the 100th time.

However, what confused me for this video is her use of the Korean drummers and that hypnotic hip action in the Egyptian bathhouse scene. Was it because of the electro-latino beats and use of the snare drums (sounded like them) which produced this multi-layered, multi-textured tone and therefore creating a multi-cultural feel to the rhythm?

In any case, it was a fun infusion all round and yes, the video became entertaining in a non-mainstream kind of way. It really felt as though it has more depth than it turned out to be. Hmmm, I ponder.

Lastly, the “oh”s which were peppered throughout the tune gave it an orgasmic aura. If you thought the video took a creative direction with its bed scene, oh boy any gaping holes are patched up with the cosmic, orgasmic “oh”s.

All in all, I rate this music video a 4.5/5 for a 3.28 minutes well-spent. Pleasing for the eyes, man candy in view and ever meaningful for the dance fanatic. Missed by .5 because I couldn’t understand the existence of the Korean drummers.

Oh yeah.


1 Response to "Shakira Did It Again"

That was an awesome video. I can definitely see parts that are inspired by capoeira or some other martial arts within it. It’s interesting that dance and the martial arts are so closely related. Having experience with b-boying and capoeira, both are dances and fights and both are extremely beautiful to watch.

Again thanks for the video!

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