Just So You’ll Know.

Why AllyAwestruck?
Honestly, I have coined this term out of complete desperation, after being uninspired to come up with a proper username for WordPress. (you know, the kind where you comment on someone’s post and the identity tag that pops out.)
So, awestruck was born with ally.
To ally, it was more of a pet name I like to share with others. It beats having people to recite “Al-y-ssa”. That is a three syllable, which kicks the fun out of remembering it. However unqiue it may be.
Come on, common names do get remembered better! (to me, at least.)

What made this eventual creation of a blog?
I was bored of writing about something that I cannot fully relate to. It is as if my blog and I are separate entities.
Plus, I will be opening a new door to the wonderfully incomprehensible, undefined “thing” called life. (i am currently graduating from secondary school and moving on to a polytechnic.) So, a new beginning spells a new blog! You will be hearing more from me once I have settled into my new institution. Holler!

Is there a reason for enthusiasm in this current set of writing?
Yes, I admit this. I have just jumped out from Red Camp 5 (fabulous camp from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, nonetheless.), so I am hyped up. In addition, I have days where I suffer from a severe case of a writer’s block.
That is when I write truly trashy content, which often makes no sense to me… at all. Plus, I am usually not proud of them. (the trashy content)
I guess it all lies in the mood!

How is a day for you?
Basically, it simply involves me, and a television. I have no shame in admitting that I am a full-fledged coach potato. Or coach kentang. (kentang: malay for potato; most favourite word used in my household.) I would try to catch The Rachael Ray Show every noon on weekdays (on channel 5, Singapore’s free-to-air English channel) and critisise all the food she cooks. (i will elaborate why… later in this article.).

For now, I am spending my afternoons whiling time away. Gone were the nine and a quarter years where I slugged my guts out for school. Now, I have to face chores, instead of snores from being knocked out by waves of worksheets and ink streaks from my disobedient blue Pilot ink pen. (despite implyingly talking smack about Pilot, i remain ever so loyal to that brand. much love!)

Evenings? If I am not seated at the couch channel surfing, I will be glued to the world wide web, fervently searching for the next greatest entertaining content. For time to time, I tend to be suddenly, by chance, inspired to read the newspapers. Otherwise, the Life! section is the furthest I ever go to.

That’s my (typical) day.

Unless one of my dogs feel particularly hyper (most of them are getting on in their years. as understood.), or I have planned a friends’ meet, family outing… my days are very much telly, tube, tv. Nothing more, nothing less.

Are you what you are? (What a question right?)
Interestingly, I am discovering a little more of myself every day. (no, i do not have gender, personality issues et cetra) Ever since Secondary three, when I was given the chance to co-host my school’s speech day (a short three-hour event of performances and prize-giving galore), I have grown to be more confident of myself.

In hindsight, I am actually a shy person. (which i still am when i do not have my crazy pals with me) However, it all boils down to my everyday mood. I have times when I wake up and go, “gosh, everybody/everything is absolutely foreign.”
Now, these are the days where I am closed up, and pretty much engimatic to most. (except for my parents, who think i am completely dellusional for claiming i am an introvert through and through)
On other bubbly days… Well, the description for the day explains my mood. 😀

In a nutshell, I aspire to be an outgoing, fearless individual. Will the day ever come?

Friends, both potential and current, this will definitely not be the finality of me.
Etch that. (somewhere, anywhere.)

What is that one thing that you would guard with your life, should a disaster (say a fire) break out in your room?
I would have gone with my as-huge-as-my-torso Spongebob plush toy, but that would come off as shallow, won’t it not? Logically, it would be myself. (though to be perfectly clear, i don’t consider myself to be a thing. this is for the sole sake of answering my personally lame question)

I mean, there is a fire in your room. Common sense points to: run (in the right direction). A life is a life worth guarding. Selfishly, especially mine. 😛

What are you proud to flaunt in your iTunes?
The complete album of The Script. It is my most watched band now. Go the man who refuses to move!
Also, the album cover showcases drool-worthy graphics. The ultimate unattainable kind by the nearly zilch artist in me.

Guilty pleasure?
Bear with the fangirl fever when I say, “Winchester boys!” (to note, they have nothing to do with worchester sauce, neither soccer. they are fictional characters created by the genius of a creator, Eric Kripke. they are the proud pair that led Supernatural, the television series, to fame. burn baby burn!)

To emphasise on the fangirl factor, I have a Jensen and Jared (actors who portray the winchester dudes) desktop wallpaper of them gayily grinning to each other in an interview. People try their very best to understand why I even picked it. That’s okay. It is either one day, or another… You will.

Watch Supernatural!

For more questions, random or simply irrelevant (like me), leave me a comment. It will be gladly appreciated. Really.


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