Good Paper

Posted on: October 13, 2009

I am really not making this up. This paper exists in Singapore. In fact, if you are a Ngee Ann student, you can head to OurSpace@72  to pick up a copy (it’s by the Booksharing shelves). Absolutely FREE! (Sounds good enough, right?)

Now the Paper is “Good” not because of the quality of the print or paper, but it’s content. Good Paper is a bi-lingual publishing (a work of volunteers) with truckloads of inspirational and heart-warming stories and articles. You won’t regret thumbing through those pages and getting your fingers blackened.

Surf on down to Good Paper online to download some goodness in a PDF file or note the listed locations to pick them up in hard copy.

A paper so Good it’s absolutely… FREE!

UPDATE: The paper is now available at the library of NP.


1 Response to "Good Paper"

Hi, thank you very much for mentioning good paper.
just like to clarify that it is not an extension of SPH, it is the work of a group of volunteers, and anyone is welcome to join us :>
I will be delivering the 3rd issue around end Oct/ early Nov to Ngee Ann library as the stand at OurSpace has been removed.
Thank you for spreading Good New!!

Good Paper – Good News for a Change !!

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