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Since I’m up to experience the transition from the 30th of December 2008 to the 31st of December 2008, I might as well post up this very much useless and soon-to-be-forgotten post.

Speaking of which, 2009 is just 24 hours away.

Have yourself a Merry New Year’s Eve!



As I type, Lady Gaga‘s Just Dance is parked at the top of the charts (top songs) in iTunes!

Thank goodness the Britney craze of a certain Womanizer has blown over. It’s right about time!


Apart from the 12 sinful delights as mentioned a couple of posts earlier, Suzanna, Euis and I had a casual get-together at Euis’s apartment.

Upon arriving, we busied ourselves pondering about lunch; only to settle for KFC (as we did on games day). Simply couldn’t resist the thought of juicy fried chicken.

Mhmm mhmm.

For starters, I brought my sandwich of tuna and onion filling, lettuce and tomatoes and quartered it to share. Lunch came a little into the afternoon, so we drunk 7-up and smothered cupcakes with delish buttercream frosting.

A nutritionist’s nightmare. Thoroughly.

Around 2, the doorbell rung out and our lunch order was served. Moments before, we played a round of UNO (with Suzanna dead set on winning a round. at the very least.) and watched cable television.

Fried chicken thighs and drumlets, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and some chicken strip of a fillet were spread across the entire coffee table. We dined out front in the living room, accompanied by an encore telecast of the MTV Video Awards.

Probably the most hilarious joke was cracked on Kanye West when he belted out Love Lockdown. You see, he had a tribal theme for his music video and equal influence to the song’s tune, right? For his performance at the awards show, he had a row of tribal people lined up behind him, in the shadows, while he synthesized (quite lousily) his way through the song.

We claimed that he could have paid those poor people dressed in tribal outfits US$1 for accompanying his performance and to make things worst, he hid them in the shadows.

Frankly speaking, I’d rather him not perform Love Lockdown live. It kills that full-bodied feel that you get in a studio version.

After a while, we proceeded with a dangerous play of vocal agility: Snap. Never, ever, belittle that card game. It sure awakens you, especially if you are stuffed with fried chicken and sleep is the only thing on your mind.

(i don’t know about you, but i do feel drowsy after over-stuffing myself with food in a meal.)

Emerged champion.
Probably the only time I won.

We sat down for more television programmes before playing Truth & Dare. Or, that was what we had initially planned to name it. Ended up playing Truth & Truth. (rarely does anyone want to be challenged by a dare)

Threw questions back and forth, revealing secrets after secrets…

(Psst. Euis. Remember red?)

As I was feeling bloated with fullness after our lunch, I ate a cupcake and brought 3 home. Thanks Euis! And that was how we concluded our possibly final meeting.

I hope the hectic schedule ahead us doesn’t pull us apart for long.

Anyway, as the old saying goes… Absence, makes the heart go fonder.
Missing crazy days with you girls already!


Awoke to Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels on Channel 5 at 10am. Freshened up upon viewing the scenic locations of Vancouver featured on the programme.

I must say. Even though I hate Rachael Ray, she seemed a little less annoying and attention grabbing in Tasty Travels than when she’s hosting her own talk show.

A few moments later, my parents invaded the room with Timee (the only male canine in the family. breed, Chihuahua) in my dad’s arms. He looked thoroughly displeased and grumpy upon arrival, but he warmed up well enough when he was deposited on my bed.
It is a real tragedy, seeing how two bottom teeth has gone crooked with age, crudely protruding out his mouth. I guess he had his days of charm.

Then again, looks are secondary.

Though his character isn’t making up much for his less charming looks now….

Lugged him off the bed and went straight to the kitchen for brunch. For which, I had the following fare:


Fried rice with chewy streaky bacon bits, green peas and eggs,


boiled sausages for protein,


a sandwich with a 2 day old sandwich filling of tuna, corn kernels and mayonnaise,


the base of which is a home-baked bread, courtesy of my mom.

I know. Carbs on carbs. Total diet criminal offence.
However, may I feebly justify myself by saying that I ate merely a hand-heap-ful of rice, which completely allows me to balance the daily carbohydrate intake.

Otherwise, sue me.

Anyway, to wash it all down…


A mug of frothy milk.

No, I never had intended for it to boast a foamy top. It could possibly be my doing of pouring milk out from a freshly opened milk carton far too quickly. Yet again, I am no genius. So I shall end my discussion here.


For dessert, my mom whipped up a sago pudding. She didn’t mould it to become pudding like, but hey, who’s concerned about presentation when it comes to home cooking?

The pool of milky white substance drizzled all over the top is actually coconut cream (with hints of cinnamon in there. not required in the recipe. it was a left over from another dessert) while the black puddle at the bottom is gula melaka (otherwise known as palm sugar).

The taste is as it is, characterised by its ingredients. Thus, I leave it up to your imagination. 😀

Now, what’s Sunday without the mutts, right?


Say hello to a once-teasingly-mentioned-to-be-infected-with-rabies Jazmyn. She is quite a cuddle in the family. Very loved. Very.
She is also the youngest of the lot, and the naughtiest. I often convince myself that the bad habits of the other preexistent mutts were rubbed off on her.

Exasperation. Simply, frustration.

Anyhow, I thought she held a poise of a well-mannered lady in this pose. Some poetic photo this is too; with the shadow play and all.

Later in the morning, right about early afternoon, I caught Hazel happily trotting behind my dad, hoping that he would spare her a crumb from his bread. Heh, that greedy pooch.

As the sunlight was casted through the window, she stood at that very spot in the balcony, staring eagerly at my dad which was seated at a swivel chair in that very location. I loved how the sunlight highlighted her chiffon coloured coat and would have brought some artistic value to a well-taken photograph… But I missed it.

She lumbered away.

Ah, Sundays. That final, conclusive day to the week. I once considered Sundays to be chore to sit through as school begun the following day. However, as I needn’t attend school as of next week… Sundays are beautiful.

Once again.

Or should I specify, the immense heat waves experienced when a room is baked by those unforgiving rays of sunlight.

The humidity is today’s only enemy.

Where has all the rain gone?!


I figured since my eyelids are close to drooping and that annoying little clock at the top right hand corner of my screen is reminding me of the lateness there is (3am is drawing near), I am going to round up today’s text flood with a brilliant shot of 12 sugary goodness of cupcakes.

Trust me. We topped those chocolate cupcakes with 4000 inches of icing, you would not want something tiny like an ear stud to fall into it. Your ear stud would probably be lost in frosting.

Anyway, all these 12 wonders (i think of it as a prelude to Christmas. 12 days of Christmas!) are baked by my wild child of a friend, Euis. She baked those chocolate cupcakes to be moist and mildly sweet, considering the troubling icing we piped/smeared on them.

Heh, artistic speaking, my “art works” FAIL (those green icing). Yes, what you see is all of my creation. I should try sticking stick to lettering. Nary an eyesore of a blob, right?

Oh, and if you were wondering what SEA meant (it’s on one of the cupcakes), it is actually an acronym of the first letters to each of our names, put together. (Suzanna, Euis, Alyssa)

Try spotting my cupcake! (and the rest of SEA)

Alright, got to drift off to tralalalala land now. Will elaborate on that kooky Sunday later in the morning. Sunday morning.

Uncanny, don’t you think?


I absolutely adore this shot. Don’t you love how outstanding the jar cover looks against the backdrop? (the backdrop being a placemat)


Nicole, being such a darling (and artist), gifted me with this wonderful Christmas cookie marvel in a jar. I love cookies in a jar. I don’t know why, but don’t the two radiate a homey and warm feel?

Admit it. You think so too!

After much persuasion (and to my steadfast agreement), I picked this pastel blue coloured jar cover, contrasted by juicy ladybugs (though eating it never crossed my mind. yuck.) and leaves matching those of rich storybook illustrations. Beautiful.

She had other jar covers which were all patterned differently. All of artistic perfection. Picture a palette of complimentary colours. Envy!

Savoured every last crumb of the cookies. Hey, you have got to hand it to those lovely bites. They were butter-tified and nutti-fied with hazelnuts. Courtesy of Famous Amos.

Finger lickin’ goodness!

Last but not least, thanks for the cookies love!
(saved the jar at the end it though. definite!)