Sunday Mornings… with the Mutts

Posted on: November 23, 2008

Note: Viewer discretion is advised.
The following content may disturb you emotionally, physically and even mentally. You may be freaked out of your wits, and may never, ever, look at cute cuddly pooches the same way again.

You have been warned.

So my Sunday mornings are usually spent in the kitchen, mostly munching on breakfast my parents get from our neighbourhood marketplace, or watching a random programme on TV.

Today, I have decided to put my extremely mediocre photography skills to the test, and have captured rather extraordinary photos of my lovable mutts in action. Or in inactivity.

Ordinarily, they are an adorable bunch. Today… Is obviously not their day.


Above, you see a possibly rabies-infested dog, on the verge of gnawing ripping your toe off with its bare teeth. Actually, it was just me, cheekily sneaking a shot when (Jazmyn) she was yawning.

Jazmyn’s not infected by rabies, really.
However, I cannot guarantee she does not act like one sometimes.


This is Hazel, baring her teeth and looking demonically possessed (thoroughly).
Well, I wish to think she is indeed Hell’s gift to our family (she’s a really wrecker), but normally, she smells like a honey coated cinnamon roll. Which, only makes her cuter.

I took this while she was gnawing her bone and in the shadows (check out what it did to her eye whites… gone!)


Fierce! As you can tell, she does not mind the attention. That is because she has what I call “the only child syndrome”. If she does not own the spotlight, no one can.

(eh, whatever.)

Now, out with the fearsome and in with the winsome. Kawaii* moments with the not-so-kawaii dogs with behavioural issues.


Candidly charming as this may be, trust me, this is no simple pooch. Summer (above) is a cross between a Chihuahua and a breed with anger issues.

However, she churns out the best shots, ever.
My favourite camera-ready model of the household. (work it!)



If Summer does not make you go “awwww”, this will. Here’s my perv of a spouse (i am secretly married to him), Timee. Boasted to be the actual charmer (in looks) of the house, the deserving title pales in comparison to the way he acts around female pooches.


He may be peculiar in his own sort, but did I tell you he has the most beautiful shades of brown for his coat? I am talking about chiffon, chocolate, and the gentlest touch of cream white (white is not considered brown, but… still.).

My mutts may be dysfunctional (and spoilt rotten!), they truly do simplify my life when everything around me gets a whole lot complicated.

Love your dogs kids.

*Kawaii means cute in Japanese.


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