One for every occasion

Posted on: November 22, 2008

Christmases are never “let’s see what Santa left us in our stockings!” or “let’s see what Santa left for us in under the tree!”. (though we all know it’s our parents that are playing Santa) No, my family is not big on Christmas.

Actually, every festive occasion is another day for all of us. We just make it a point to gather for a home-cooked feast by our fabulous resident chef, my mom. So this Christmas, I have decided to gift myself with something a little extra.

Instead of a Christmas pine tree (that obviously would have a squished top, considering the height of my ceiling.), I have dressed up my iMac.

Introducing… (jingle bells)


My MacTree! Yep, thanks to the leftover strip of ribbon from a school project, I have lamely tied it around the joint connecting the screen and main body of my computer together.

Merrrrryyyyy Christmas!

P.S. Modern dancers (Avalyn!), you would find this oddly familiar (the ribbon), no?


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