Untitled. Night. Project.

Posted on: June 12, 2011

I ought to hit the showers for the night. Instead, here I am, composing another blog post.

Speaking of schedules, The Gates (another one of those pseudo-supernatural vampire series I swore never to catch unless it could match True Blood‘s standards. Then again, True Blood kind of lost me so I’m back to watching any drama on free-to-air Channel 5. Furthermore, HBO Asia costs $12.84, GST included on Starhub TV, subjected to local broadcasting censorship. I’ll pass.) by the end of this sentence would start in 2 minutes. Basically, the series is based on a gated community which harbours plenty of secrets. Throw in a conflicted policeman, confused vampires, wild rule-bound werewolves and bewitching potion laden teas and you’ve got yourself another drama that questions the viability of co-existence between the living, living dead and hyper-living (werewolves). So if you are looking for a less raunchy spin on supernatural, tune into The Gates.

Teeny sidetrack: I’ll settle for True Blood’s season four. Talk about a very pale and lost Eric trudging about Bon Temps in the middle of the night… I see an adaptation of my favourite installment in the book series: Club Dead!

If you’re into mild gore, watch Fear Itself. I’m surprised Channel 5 allows for a scene whereby an arm was lopped off by a very angry werewolf. Maybe that’s why it airs every Saturday night at 11; though I’m sure young kids are night owls as well.

When it comes to horror series, Fact or Fiction triumphs. The concept of guessing whether or not the stories are real or fictional is truly chilling. I vaguely remember a story about a grandma who was a red-eyed demon despite repeatedly telling her grandson that the red-eyed monster he sees every night is merely a nightmare. I ended up having sleepless nights.

Right now, no supernatural dramas pique my interest like how Supernatural and Vampire Diaries do. Oh come on, bromance… ‘Nuff said.

Oh, Vampire Diaries also has a winning soundtrack. I now own 125 songs from the first season. If you’re into modern Indie and Alternative rock, it’s aligned to your groove. Time is a runaway. Nights for now!


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