Chasing Daylight

Posted on: March 8, 2011

The dark ages are over. The exams are finally out of sight and Friday, 4th March was a whirlwind afternoon of celebrations.

I admittedly, took a longer time to fall asleep than before. Call it excitement or a mild case of insomnia, but the final paper for the week did have me chomping my nails down to its roots. It was a blatant, no-nonsense 2-hour test on Tax but through it all, I know that once it was over, I have successfully leaped off the cliff and survived.

I love the warmth of the sun after being stifled for far too long. It like shedding an old, scaly skin and suddenly, you’re ready to be up against the world.

For one day.

At 11.15am, we set off to catch a movie. Any movie. Though neurotic me would have skimmed the new releases and settled on “I Am Number Four” or “The Adjustment Bureau”. Since I was in a post-Inception mood (and still mentally alive), we sold our souls to “The Adjustment Bureau”.

Only Shanty and I were madly indulgent and fought through a double bill.

More on that later.

In a brief review, The Adjustment Bureau is a surrealist with a mildly elaborate plot in small doses. If it were to measure up with Inception, I say it was merely skipping the waters like a harmless pebble. So go ahead and lose yourself in daydreamin’ for The Adjustment Bureau.

Dissatisfied and determined, Shanty and I ended up watching The Black Swan right after The Adjustment Bureau. The Cathay then Plaza Singapura. Honestly, we would have missed the train of happiness for it. BEST MOVIE EVER.

Portman certainly deserved to wrap every finger around that golden statue.

Basically, The Black Swan revealed much raw insight in a quest to perfection and how fine a line between sanity and insanity is. What I loved about the movie was how it was relational and trust me, we have all been there more than once in our lives. (Self revelation #1: Been there, done that.)

The day ended with an economical dinner of epic (monetary) proportions (food is particularly costly downtown) and a warm hug to wish my friend the best for her internship.

Time, truly flies when you’re having fun.


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