There’s something about it…

Posted on: August 15, 2010

… That makes me crave it in one moment and flare up in a heartbeat.


Make no mistake, I adore baking. Even went crazed enough to bake 2 days in a row. That was before. Anyway, the emotions I experience whilst baking is the interesting bit.

Should anyone ask what is it about baking that I truly adore, I’ll say: Whisking (with an electric beater of course).

Though before I get to that, I must say that the preparation process never fails to leave me moderately frustrated. Something about chopping ingredients, bending over 1m high dining tables to measure out concise portions  in measuring cups and scrambling for missing ingredients during whisking (keeping in mind that’s my favourite part), leaves my flustered.

Somehow, I just hate to be interrupted in the midst of a calming whisk.

Whisking with a handheld electric beater surely beats tumbling ingredient after ingredient into a large mixing bowl (of a cake mixer). With the handheld device, you can actually feel the pull of the batter against the whisks, instantaneous rising clouds of flour puffs upon incorporation, that split-second tear when steel meets yolk… Bliss. I never want to be interrupted. Period.

However, I realised that my tweaking of recipes often leave me scrambling for missing ingredients halfway through whisking, which very much instills a bothersome niggle that my half-whisked mixture is sitting way too long, way too still. That is some serious baker trepidation.

So when I do forget and scramble for the ingredients, my mind would wander to the time when the raw good sits in the oven for a nail-biting 30 minutes. How will it turn out? Will it rise? If it doesn’t, what went wrong? My carelessness in preparation or a misstep in the recipe?

At last, when oven calls out and the baked good is visibly successful through the looking glass, YES! My heart sings in rightfully glee.

Ah, luckily enough, my heart continues to swell in positivity as every one of my first attempts turn out fine.

Cheers, to continuous bake feasts!


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