Bake Cycle #4: Ham & Egg Tomato Cup

Posted on: August 15, 2010

Admittedly, the past evening’s success of baking Chocolate Syrup Brownies, made my head bloat. Believing the prospects of a baked and healthy breakfast was the ideal meal to jumpstart my morning, boy oh boy did I validate history to repeat one’s self.

Speaking about history, I probably haven’t share with you that Baked Cauliflower, Portabello & Brown Mushrooms breakfast. It was a Sunday morning and it passed languorously. However, a seemingly major disturbance arose when the tray holding a spread of Cauliflower simply refused to fit on the same rack holding the mix of mushrooms. Blame it on the size of the oven. The wait for breakfast was no less than torturous, staring down at the raw produce luxuriously taking its heat bath.

Let’s say I am just one of those proud believers of quick & easy breakfasts. 😛

So, why the second attempt? My question to you is: Tomatoes don’t take long to wilt under heat and more so, eggs allow for one to cook to a preferred doneness. Surely, quick & easy is already in sights.

WRONG to ‘easy’.

The tomato cups (a full tomato with its contents dug out with a spoon) were prepared the night before, along with the cubed ham. All I had to do was to incorporate all the ingredients in the vegetable shell.

Well, that and a bread cup which my mom was compelled to try out after watching those cooking programs. Same concept, just that the bread replaces the tomato.

After fashioning a crustless enriched white bread into a muffin cup, the shallowness of the vessel proved itself and once the eggs were poured into the bread cup, the egg white dribbled slowly but surely off the tin.

Let’s say the bread ended up on a tin foil like a pseudo-French Toast.

Soon after, the cups went into the oven and out came a barely-holding-its-form tomato and a medium-well done egg. It was nearly a mush and frankly, overcooked. Later, I realised the doneness of the egg depends on the cook so the cup needn’t be in the oven as stipulated by the recipe…

Well. The taste wasn’t half as disaster the tomatoes were becoming. The ham lent its saltiness to the egg, where its yolk has lustrously coated. On top of that, the tomato held its natural sweetness, though thoughtfully, it could do better with a punctuation of salt.

Salt + Oven never seem to be a likely pairing for my bake cycles. Sorry mom. Sugar triumphs!

(Photos will be posted soon!)


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