Bake Cycle #1: Steamed (Soda) Cupcakes

Posted on: February 25, 2010

School’s out (though off to a bad start, but let’s not lament on that) and I am chirpy about the prospects the holidays bring! One of the tasks I’ve promised to take up during this 7-week break is to kick off a Julie & Julia inspired bake cycle, where I will try to pick recipes off the net and hit the kitchen. You know, since I’ve put cooking off since the stone age. Unfortunately.

Now, baking seems a little less daunting than cooking considering ingredients are in controlled measurements (no more or no less), hence explaining my bold venture. As for why steam and not bake? Ah, this little aspiring baking for leisure troll falls short of an oven. (You know what to get me for my birthday friends. 😉 )

Ok, therein we begin with… Bake cycle #1: Steamed (Soda) Cupcakes!

I got this interesting recipe (apparently longstanding since my mom knows it) from a blogger who prepares this as a petite lunchbox delight for her husband and some more for her kids’ meals too. Figured the idea of adding soda into cupcakes sounds like parcels of children’s laughter, I took up the challenge.

Admittedly, it was made up of merely 4 ingredients: eggs, flour, sugar and soda. Pretty simple right!

Simple as it might be, I still got my mom’s help here and there and even got flustered when I didn’t warm up the steamer in time to send those cups of joy for some final fluffing. Approximately 20 minutes later, I ended up with 2 trays and a bowl of these delights.

The end result was a spongy texture, with a holey top. Draw it nearer to your nostrils and you would inhale whiffs of raw egg whites. Now I understand why essences have to be added into baked goods so as to mask the said smell, which could clearly be off-putting to many (I found my appetite to be momentarily waning for it. 😛 ).

On a final note, if you are tempted to pinch these delectable dense cakes straight from the steamer, hold your devouring pangs! They are best eaten cooled, slightly warm at least. If not, the cakes will stick like glue to the sides of the cups. This will result in wastage and wastage of cakes will not be tolerated.

You know where I am getting at. 😉


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