Case of the Forgotten Rabbit? Or Case of the Abandoned Rabbit?

Posted on: February 20, 2010

I am an oddball and proud to be one.

I left the house in quite a hurry as I forgot my mobile phone and was rushing to catch the early bus. However, I proved to be a slow runner (and not the one to beat the pedestrian crossing when a red man is glaring at me) this morning as I missed the early bus anyway. Interestingly enough, as I was running home I remembered coming across 2 ladies who was staring at a grass patch and vaguely remembered them talking about a certain “rabbit”. Being the stop-and-smell-the-roses-and-die kind of person, I raced ahead and took no heed to what their focus was on.

It was only when I returned home that my mom told me about an abandoned rabbit who was left out in the open, in a cage. If it was a case of bringing the fur ball with floppy ears out for a breather, it would be the strangest sight yet. I mean, if those were the owner’s intentions, wouldn’t he or she be nearby? (Or next to the cage at least.) As far as I heard, the rabbit was there for a couple of hours.

Luckily today was cloudy and barely a rain cloud in sight.

Consequently, my mom told me to take a peek when I was by the lift lobby again, later in the afternoon. No rabbit to be seen.

To that, I wonder what happened to it.

In any case, I hope it has found a better home. Wherever it might be. 🙂


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