Timbaland’s Double Feature Mayhem

Posted on: February 17, 2010

Timbaland’s Morning After Dark versus If We Ever Meet Again: It is the battle of the elusive plots!

If there is anything I am able to appreciate fully and capably, they’re music videos with a storyline. However, there will always be the sure fire winners like Shane Ward’s No Promises, and then there are the initially born winners to misguided losers. Gladly, in the case of Timbaland’s two recent videos Morning After Dark and If We Ever Meet Again, there are the mind-blowing songs to deflect any negative feelings and scalp scratching moments you may ever have.

Let the chow down begin!

First up, Timbaland’s Morning After Dark:

Recently, there has been a slew of supernatural-themed TV series (True Blood, The Vampire Diaries) and movies (The Wolfman, Twilight, Twilight: New Moon, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant), even music videos (Backstreet Boys’ Straight Through My Heart); so much so you can’t help but think those Interview With The Vampire days have been given a new lease of life, modernised in every way possible. Good thing all the abovementioned productions all have sense knocked into them. Now, what sets Timbaland’s Morning After Dark music video apart?

Seemingly meaningful lyrics with a virtually meaningless plot.

Ok, girl exits home and she is instantaneously sniffed out by supernatural beings (I’m guessing vampires) who wants her life. Why? No idea. Maybe she has some spectacular power like Sookie Stackhouse, the kind where vampires and ghouls wish to exploit? Erm.

That’s not all. Timbaland and his posse, Nelly Furtado and SoShy pops out in a kitchen and metro respectively. Apparently, they are her guardians. Who are they exactly? No idea either. I mean, are they werewolves, cats, lizards or whatever being that took over MJ in his Thriller video?

Perplexing I say, perplexing.

Secondly, girl and get-up. Doesn’t it look a tad bit Nelly Furtado-ish? I can’t put my finger on which Nelly Furtado look she is going for, but it looks like one from her I’m Like A Bird days. Furthermore, with the dark hair, it was no wonder that I did a double take at her before decidedly affirming that she is not Nelly Furtado (she wasn’t singing).

When Nelly did appear in the video, I was even more appalled for all the wrong reasons. One, I could not make out what in the world she was singing about due to her voice being heavily synthesized. Two, her voice was downright annoyingly screechy thanks to the synthesizing. Three, what is a gorgeous looking lady doing in a kitchen?!

Someone jump out with the big ending reveal please.

Ah… So said Nelly look-alike was making her way to a date. Some club it is… there he is! Hello date. They dance for awhile then the camera flashes to a ferocious dance circle and hello scary sister. A woman in fire hydrant red lipstick stares the girl down in absolute distaste for her inappropriate club outfit a bloodthirsty fashion on the dancefloor, the girl is instantly spooked and leaves her date pronto. Out of the club, out of sight.

Meanwhile, our singing duo (SoShy and Timbaland) AKA protectors of unknown girl stand by grooving and taking in the scene. She’s leaving? Oh! Let’s proceed to the back alley way and continue singing. Never mind about Nelly, she’ll finish the dishes then join us for drinks later.

More dancing by SoShy and face contortion by Timbaland later, the girl briskly walks to a fountain and flashback to the time when she was hanging out by the bar and the bloodthirsty girl on the dancefloor and her pendant. Soon, the same pendant design is imprinted on the girl by the fountain. Lo and behold, she is a…

Cult member? Born vampire/werewolf? Drug addict on hallucinogens?

Whatever the reason, the plot made even less sense after the grand ending. If there was ever one, to begin with.

(To date, Morning After Dark has over 4 million views on Youtube. I wonder how many of them are as confused as I am…)

Next on the chopping block, Timbaland’s If We Ever Meet Again:

A demure beginning; promising, promising. Cue music and all eyes on the abstract artwork. Oh, man and woman. I wonder where that leads to…

Turns out, she stole the artwork, displayed it at her apartment then attends a wedding or luncheon goodness knows as all focus was on the couple. She meets him again and pretty much reads his mind about him snagging an old lady’s gem (ruby?)  necklace. The poor elderly folk runs to the balcony and gestures wildly at her bare neck while hysterically screaming, “Someone has stolen my necklace!”

Now, this part I only caught after watching the clip for the 10th time, where he places the stolen necklace in a drawer. Her drawer. Apparently, he too broke into her home and deposited his stolen treasures at her place. What, are they just clever thieves or exes? Do they already know each other?!

Later, girl tiptoes into the same gallery where she has stolen their abstract artwork from and goes on to steal a golden globe. The gallery manager is one tiptoe too late but is alerted of the theft anyhow. He rings up the police and the law caught up with the man instead, who for god knows why was parked outside the gallery.

Moon gazing maybe?

She, just in time to watch him being interrogated by the police outside the gallery, engages in some deep thought then turns back to return the stolen golden globe. Erm, where’s the gallery whoever in charge? Isn’t he supposed to be by the exhibit of the stolen artifact or close by to wait for the police? She blatantly waltzed in and out of the gallery as if he gave her a key to their back door.

Security fail.

Oh, seems like their local newspaper has reported about the stolen painting and the police begins their probe on the matter. Starting with, the man. Don’t know why he was suspected (fingerprints from the necklace theft?) but they retain him for some time before Little Miss Globe Stealer said something to the authorities to make them change their minds.

Eventually, he is released and the pair reunites on the streets.

Yes yes, I see it already. If we ever meet again right. A song about coincidences and mistaken identities. Ah, insightful.

As for the conclusion, I believe the song is transitioning to another one? Explaining the sudden change in tempo and lyrics. For the break-in, hmmm, a conspiracy on the side of the authorities to raid her apartment without a search warrant? Heaven knows. All I know is that it was a lousy round-up of the story and if more than anything, it explained nothing.

Major plus points in the video? Mesmerising Katy Perry in a Waking Up In Vegas inspired white suit (Elvis much!) and Timbaland in a trench coat.

Other than that, If We Ever Meet Again falls face flat next to Morning After Dark in plot development.


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