Hell’s Kitchen, Amplified: Pasta

Posted on: February 7, 2010

If you thought Chef Ramsey’s hard-as-nails head chef treatment was eating at your guts and caused your sweat glands to be overly active, wait till you see Pasta.

It has begun airing on the 4th of January this year and soon ending on the 23rd of February in Korea. Honestly, I was drawn to this drama because of Lee Sun Gyun; man of the alluring deep voice (as hailed by javabeans too). Bigger plus, it was a MBC drama. The same station which brought us Coffee Prince. After that hit, surely MBC dramas are promising, contemporary and much less weepy than SBS dramas.

Unfortunately, for what SBS dramas are known for sensitive tear glands and brutish man-handling, MBC makes up for mild man-handling and in the case of Pasta, yelling. Consistently and loudly. More on that later.

On neutral ground, Pasta basically chronicles the life of Yoo Kyung (played by Gong Hyo Jin) and her aspirations on becoming a chef in a restaurant she has been slaving at for three whole years, La Sfera. Pretty fancy name right? That is because the eatery serves Italian food. Eventually she runs into Hyun Wook (played by Lee Sun Gyun) and with every leading couple in a Korean drama, you know what to expect.

Read on for my in-depth recap on the first episode. 😀


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