Questionable Maturity: It’s Complicated

Posted on: February 5, 2010

If you have watched Nancy Meyers’ Something’s Gotta Give, kind of expect the same formulation. The heartbreak and upper-end old folk seeking for romance when they have least expected it.

In summary, It’s Complicated features the lives of Jane (Streep) and Jake (Baldwin). Divorced and not-so-lovin’-it. Just when they thought going their separate ways will be peaceful, their convergence will prove them otherwise and more; especially when Adam (Martin) gets intertwined with their lives. Who will prevail? Only time will tell.

Spoilers ahead!

Alright, It’s Complicated may deter some young folk as canoodling folk at the other end of the age spectrum can be a big Oh No. However, if you spend just the next 5 minutes observing the canoodling adults, you would clearly figure out that they are on par with the younger generation. Regretfully in thinking  and behaviour.

Jane divorced Jake for him committing adultery and ironically, she does the deed after a night of reckless drinking. Apparently, the absence of companionship (Jane was still single while Jake had a PYT as his new wife) drove them insanely in love with one another again. Well, specifically after a one night stand. Ever since, the two were mildly inseparable.

Along the way, Adam popped up in Jane’s life as her architect for her dream kitchen. Speaking about her kitchen, did I mention how perfect her summery, Mediterranean home is with or without the extra culinary cottage. Oh, let’s forget Jane owns a gourmet bakery. Ok, back to Adam. He is the perfect man for Jane: the supportive, finish-your-sentences kind of guy. Not to mention how he was impressed by Jane’s warm chocolate croissants. C’est tres parfait!

Pity Jane lost her mind and rekindled her relationship with Jake. This and a redundant visit to her psychiatrist (did or did he not help her make up her mind?). I simply cannot imagine mythical the saying “The older you get, the wiser you become” is sounding at this point. Jane obviously knows Jake cannot be trusted (divorced once, never charming twice!) and being with him would drive his current marriage to a head-on collision with an emerging iceberg.

Nonetheless she goes ahead and Jake loses his marriage. Also, Adam finds out about their affair and removes himself from Jane’s Dream Kitchen Project while he sorts his thoughts out. Poor guy. He probably did not want to hurt himself after his previous divorce (Interestingly, Adam and Jane are divorcees. Splendid commiserating partners.).

In the end, the Js untangled the mess they created by sitting down for a good talk. The first act of maturity ever exhibited in the entire film. Bravo!

More artful focus on the garden swing they were sitting on for the good talk later, the ending everyone was waiting for sprouted. Adam and Jane might end up together after all.

Overall, I would give this film a 6.5/10. Pretty torturous towards the end, seeing how the damage caused by the leading couple leads to trouble as predicted by audiences as young as 10. The only salvages were the side stories of Jane’s kids and the tasteful residence, work site (of Jane’s) and psychiatrist’s office.

Everything else was lukewarm, just like Jane’s warm chocolate croissants.


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