For tear-jerkers and ill-fated lovers: Will It Snow For Christmas?

Posted on: February 5, 2010

Just when I thought I could never commit to a contemporary Korean drama since Coffee Prince, I just proved myself absolutely wrong. Let the good times snow on me! Snow. On. Me.

I will not and do not intend to attempt to recap the series in its entirety as I would probably spend the next 700 days doing so. As a matter of fact, I will only be speaking about the series in mini nutshells. Or so I try.

Hmmm, where do we begin…

Oh! Characters. Yes, those important beings that drift across or stand quite still through your television screens. What we have for Will It Snow For Christmas? is Kang Jin (Go Soo), Tae Joon (Jong Ho), Ji Wan (Ye Seul) and Woo Jung (Woo Sun). For the purpose of comment, let’s shorten their names to mere abbreviations (i.e. JW for Ji Wan). Ok? Ok!

In short, KJ as a teen, did not fancy JW. However, time and forceful flirtations ripened their romance and tadah! Both ended up in each others’ arms. Not so quick though. Little did they know, tragedy struck (It happens about 5 times over in the drama. Get used to it.) and the two were separated. Years later, they faced rivals in love TJ and WJ and they had really messed up love lives. Eventually, KJ sought solace in JW and so did the other pair (TJ and WJ).

That should wrap everything up. Now, for the drama dissection.

If you are wondering whether or not watch the drama despite all the spoilers as abovementioned, please be forewarned that you will be facing:

Heartache, temperamental individuals, the he-loves-me-he-loves-me-not moments, death and plenty of weeping.

If you are one of those Korean drama enthusiast, especially one rooting for SBS dramas, I am sure you have known all of the above beforehand.

Yes, Will It Snow For Christmas? bear some resemblance to its predecessor Stairway to Heaven and a couple more SBS dramas but I hardly do watch them, so further commenting on similarities would make me sound extremely silly. I will stop. However, I can safely say Snow For Christmas will keep you gripping your seats for the first 10 or so episodes. Any more (6 more to go if you stopped at 10) and you will watch yourself slowly staring aghast at the plot, paralyzed and speechless. The weeping becomes saturated and all the bitter and vengeful manipulation by a distraught mother keeps you wondering if it is necessary to torture an already suffering couple.

So, if you are looking to deplete your tissue supply fast and readily, snuggle up to your closest pillow and watch away!

Rated: 8/10. (Viral theme song, impeccable acting by the senior actors and for soju appearing one time too many.)


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