The ‘M’ Invasion

Posted on: October 12, 2009

Nirvana inducing music, windchimes and bird tweets… Guess who? Maroon 5!

You’re pretty stoked right? Well, based on 2 latest trailers released by my favourite man-band, it seems like the boys has taken refuge in a quaint and idyllic lake house in Switzerland. All that to attain eternal muse for their new material, flying to CD retail space in 2010.

If that does not get you off your recliner, watch the 2 trailers below for a quick perk-me-up:

Trailer 1: Check out the final 5 seconds for a brilliant Dolby Surround Sound tribute. 😀

Trailer 2: Quick poll. Do you like Adam the very spiritual looking, gruffy Adam, or clean-shaven and Dorian-Gray-brooding Adam?

In any case, I hope M5 will step up from their usual pop-rock repertoire. After all, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long was a slight departure from radio-friendliness, what with pop-rock with a bite track, Wake Up Call. Infatuation also gave fans a sensual and rauchy experience (screaming NC-17), unlike This Love from Songs About Jane, which had a PG-13 feel to it.

All I am hoping that the songs will be inspired by the environment the man-band is surrounded by. Now that is something to be stoked about! 😀


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