Remembering Michael Jackson Part 2: The Jackson Family

Posted on: October 11, 2009

If the King of Pop had a dying wish, I believed he would ask for minimal media coverage on his death and more importantly, his children.

Watching Latoya and Jermaine Jackson appear in a recent UK MOBO Awards not only felt uneasy, but it became a nuisance to me. For one, it made me question their intentions. Are they truly using the excuse of their late brother to gain more media attention? (Since they were always living in the shadows of their brother’s fame.) Secondly, why the sudden outpouring of love for MJ, in public, after his passing?

Yes, the UK MOBO Awards was presenting a Lifetime Achievement award to MJ and the duo was simply there to accept it on his behalf. However, was there really a need to throw another tribute? After all, the 2009 MTV VMA’s ended not too long ago. (2 weeks ago, to be exact.) I mean, the Janet tribute was spectacular and poignant enough (not to mention the 6 minute long speech by Madonna). Slotting another tribute so soon was premature and honestly, Latoya and Jermaine are not half as famous as Janet; so appearing in what seems to be a “powerhouse” tribute was an attempt to outdo their sister.

A feeble attempt and poorly played. Indeed.

Also, before the outburst of tributes performed by yours truly, the Jackson family, there were news coverage after news coverage about the Jackson family. First, it was the investigation into Michael’s death. Then there were those whodunit moments. After several buck passing later, the tussle over the care of the kids took over. First the “biological” mommy Debbie Rowe who wanted custody over the kids. Next the Katherine-Jackson-Debbie-Rowe-and-Janet-Jackson dispute. Who should take full custody over the kids? Seems like Michael clearly wanted his mom too. More media coverage ensued. Thereafter, those lost footages of Michael and his kids appeared. Oh, somewhere between the media circus, reports of Joe Jackson being kept out of the loop of Michael’s burial site and such surfaced.

Could the family be portrayed weirder than it already was?

That’s not the end just yet.

When we thought the worst and ridiculous news about his family came to a standstill, out popped Jermaine’s brillant proposal to host a grand tribute concert in Vienna. Unknowingly, his family showed utter disapproval and even tagged it a “Jermaine Jackson Show”. That’s not all. All that snubbing was done after he announced an impressive line-up of Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Natalie Cole and the likes.

Did I mention they gave him negative responses because of the “short notice”?

I’ll leave you readers to decide what’s in between the lines.

Eventually, the concert was cancelled and postponed to 2010. To London, this time. Throw in Mumbai too. Since it was reported 2 days ago that Jermaine wishes to host tribute concerts around the globe.

Why does Jermaine even bother to appear in the media these days?

Apparently, disparity is surfacing between the brothers. There hasn’t been any throat-grabbing and gut-twisting moments just yet, but surely there are having a verbal war going on. The war of the responses.

Lately, the brothers made news on Entertainment Tonight regarding a photoshoot for an upcoming reality program featuring none other than… Jackson 4. How noble, airing for the world to see how the family is dealing with Michael’s death. Let’s not forget brother Tito’s statement about the Vienna show, “We’re still mourning. Some time maybe in a year, a year and a half from now, it makes a little more sense for us to do something as a unit.

As a grieving family, would you not want the peace and quiet more than anything else?

So much for causing one media frenzy after another. It goes to show how little the family understood Michael and if they paid more attention to his actions, like him wrapping his children in scarfs or concealing their faces with masks, they would be able to see that the King of Pop wanted to live a life without media scruntiny.


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