Miss Ris Low: Enough is enough

Posted on: October 11, 2009

They are 4 things which aggravate my pique in the media these days.

  1. Jackson family news (especially those from Jermaine Jackson)
  2. Ex-Miss-Singapore-World 2009 interviews/features
  3. Jon and Kate Gosselin drama
  4. The David Letterman Sex Scandal

For the first matter, it would help if the family appeared less in the media. Considering how fairly odd they are turning out to be (or always were). Following that is the Ris Low saga. As for Gosselin mess, Jon and Kate should consider speaking less to the media, much less tearing each other’s throat out openly. It’s really funny how Jon wants his kids out from under the camera lens when he is constantly attending exclusive interviews after exclusive interviews about his “internal affairs”. Not to mention allowing Entertainment Tonight cover the entire journey home to Cara and Mady’s birthday.

Contradiction, contradiction, contradiction. Nasty ain’t it?

Oh, for the Letterman Sex Scandal, can’t the tabloids leave him to settle his own matters? It’s just crazy how Entertainment Tonight dropped their MJ investigation and took on another one so soon. It was as if they were waiting for such juicy “crimes” to sprout from the entertainment industry. Oh wait. They are the tabloids, right?

Back to the Ris Low saga, seriously, the woman should put a lid on appearing in every media outlet possible. Is it not bad enough that she had to resign from her “deserved win” and confessing to every evil deed she intended to do/did in her life?

No… She has to return to the one media outlet, RazorTV, which created the video that made her the largest butt of the joke in the nation. Now Asiaone News has titled their latest article on her as “Stealing is fun: Ris Low“. Does she not see the severity of that?!

First was the “boomz”. Horrid pronounciation of several seemingly simple words like “red”. (Apparently she was using an American accent.) Then Singapore Idol and the Singtel Grid Girls Grand Finale picked up on the “boomz” jokes. So much so Channel 5 bore a special edit clip of the 3 judges as well as Nurul mocking her first RazorTV interview. Thereafter, she officially plucks the crown off her glorious head and proceeds to wage an accusatory verbal war with runner up, Claire Lee.

Before that, she admitted to be suffering from a Bipolar disorder.

Should I be taking her seriously for the actions following that?

Not quite. More dirty linen airing later, out hopped the brand new interview with RazorTV. Not only did she tackle the credit card fraud, but she dug deep on her recent “re-module” thanks to having “accidentally” leaving shredded pieces of paper in her pencil case. Also, she shed some light on her struggle with morality (on her credit card fraud).

Here’s a quote during her latest interview:

(On her credit card fraud)

“RL: Yeah, and there’s no limit, and it’s not yours… You don’t have to work… But somehow you have this thing going on inside like that you are guilty of something but you can’t tell what.

Razor: And can you tell what is it now?

RL: Yes… And after that, I realised that it’s wrong to steal actually. This is people’s hard-earned money and I shouldn’t be doing it at all.

Razor: I’m glad you learnt about it.”

With that, here’s a message to our ex-beauty queen:

Please stop appearing in the news, TV or internet. Everything you say or do is only going to make you out to be a larger fool than you already are. If you ever want to clear the air with any matters regarding yourself, go pay for proper training in handling the media. Seriously. RazorTV just made you look bad. Again.


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