Something to be GLEEful about: Acafellas!

Posted on: October 8, 2009

Thank god for FOX, thank god for Glee! Thanks to Glee, I now needn’t worry how else I can spend my time before True Blood‘s Season 3 premiere!

You know, my friend Leon told me that Glee reminded him a whole lot like High School Musical. My, I can already draw some similarities. (Ryan Evans as Kurt Hummel, Mercedes Jones as Taylor McKessie, Troy Bolton as Finn Hudson, Gabriella Montez as Rachel Berry… And the list goes on.) However, there is something about Glee that remains less teeny bopper than the famous Disney franchise. Welcome…

Acafellas! Formed by 2 not-so-aesthetically inclined individuals, 1 terrific 30-something wonder-talent-of-a-dancer and 2 High School jocks, it is the most talented bunch of fellas gracing the screens of Glee. Ok. I am guilty of paying too much attention to Matthew Morrison. (He’s the guy in the middle of the man-band.)

So he dances the best.

I pay too much attention.

Anyway, their performance revived what could be a New Kids On The Block original (watch Step by Step and you’ll understand) video.

Glee is sure heating up screens everywhere (US mainly). Watch out for the power surges. 😉


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