Join the Gleek Club….

Posted on: October 8, 2009

… ‘Cause I’m cool as a breath mint.

That was completely random and out of range.

Moving on, I found this Glee promo while I was looking for a close-up of Patrick Gallagher on Youtube. Why? Simply because the man looked awfully familiar the first time I watched the pilot of Glee. All I could think was, “Where have I seen him before?”

Patrick appears after the 10 second mark. 😀

Right. Being a TV addict and serial couch potato, I always, very compliantly squeal with joy whenever I spot an actor who once played obscure roles on TV or in movies. To rephrase that uber long description, let’s just say these actors are what mainstream media call… Calefares. Though however obscure, these actors are noticed by avid TV addicts like me.

The reactions on seeing them again vary from TV addict to TV addict of course.

Now, Patrick Gallagher has made an appearance in True Blood Season 1 and 2 as Chow. You know, the new bartender slash Eric’s other sidekick (apart from Pam). If you don’t quite recall, fret not! Memory refreshment is only a play button away…

Chow’s first meeting with Bill. What with the Wii comment and all.

Wow, that was some ramble about an actor I barely know. There really isn’t anything else to elaborate on, so I’ll leave you to burn Patrick’s face into your brain. Engrave it if it works.
Not, Patrick McDreamy.

Just to clear the air.


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