Flashforward = LOST?

Posted on: October 7, 2009

I could barely watch 15 minutes of Flashforward, the first in Asia blockbuster event of Channel 5. Honestly, the first 10 minutes was as chaotic as LOST right after the plane crash. Uncanny.

Not to mention the weird babysitter sex-on-a-couch moment. Could the series get more trashy by the first couple of minutes? Ah… Wait till you hear about the multiple introduction of characters in the series (like LOST), those life-altering moments like the man who was about to blow his head wide open with a handgun by the beach before he blacked out etc.

Could it be any more non-familiar with LOST?

I’m done with apocalyptic themed TV series/movies. 2012 should have been the last nail on the coffin. Hearing about how people black out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds is absolutely ridiculous. Presumptively alien invasions, government conspiracies or a science experiment gone wrong.

Aside from the crazy similarities with LOST (the series is even airing on ABC. ABC!), the thought of the world blacking out for just a minute is detrimental. Imagine being in surgery (like how the pilot episode portrayed) and losing consciousness. Okay for the patient, but surgeons… Terrifying. Worst if they were to make an incision on your chest for a bypass surgery.

That scalpel might have been driven right into your heart.

Nonetheless, let’s not be overly paranoid (or maybe it’s just me). Enjoy the promo for the pilot, turn off the lights, oil lamps, lava lamps and fawn over Adam Lambert’s Mad World during the last 30 seconds. (Buy his album! Out in stores in November.)


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