When Love (For Evening Gowns) Takes Over.

Posted on: October 4, 2009

I adore the Evening Gown segment of pageants, especially when it is accompanied by impeccable music. This clip was stumbled upon by chance, while I was happily browsing through Lady Gaga’s collection of videos. Turned out that she was given airtime during last year’s pageant, during the Swimsuit round:

Got to say, don’t ever ever ever allow Lady Gaga to perform in such segments; where models or pageant contestants are to strut around her while she sings. Trust me, she outperforms and outshines anybody within an infinite radius. Frankly, she made all the pageant contestants of Miss Universe 2008 look insignificant (not even considered to be backup dancers). All eyes on Gaga.

Don’t you think?

Back to Kelly Rowland and David Guetta’s performance for Miss Universe 2009, it has very much outdone FloRida’s Jump/Right Round medley. However much I tried, I simply could not shake off the idea that FloRida was busy flapping his arms like a chicken around the contestants. Kind of a like a bee too. Buzzing around.

Guess he qualifies as a Chickee (Chicken and bee).

Throughout the 8 minutes and 22 seconds long Evening Gown segment, my eyes constantly drifted over to David Guetta by the spintables. Somehow or another, he embodied more energy then his co-performer Kelly Rowland, giving the song a full-bodied groove. Either that or I’m wholly jealous of Kelly’s toned toned arms.

As for the gowns, I’d reckon the highest was a 9.4 something. If I hadn’t recalled wrongly. And it went to none other than… Miss Dominican Republic. Sure she pulled a Vanessa Williams outlook, flirty, elegant and va-va-voom. It looked bridal, intricate detailing no doubt, but I believed Miss Venezuela stood a better chance at winning the round. Her dress exuded The Mask of Zorro‘s Catherine Zeta Jones’ ethereal beauty with a Spanish flare, making it the most outstandingly unique dress out of all.

As for the lowest score, it went to Miss Switzerland with a 7.890. Ouch. In the judges’ defense, I would have scored the same too. Her dress was outright plain and ordinary. Nothing spectacular and very much like a day out at the beach. The dress could have been easily shortened to become a day dress, one that is suitable for a day out at the mall.

Miss Switzerland’s gown was truly a union between two famous sayings: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and “Simplicity is beauty”.

Then there was Miss Puerto Rico. “This dress reflects my personality. It is simple and elegant.”

Elegant I get. Simple, I rather not.

Also, I found Miss France’s gown to bear a questionable score. It should have earned a 7.9something, second worst to Miss Switzerland’s. Truth be told, she looked like a towering disco ball. Nothing fantastic about the design except for the form.

Overall, Miss Venezuela deserved to be the winner of the round. At least her compliment to the dress wasn’t an indirect insult to her personality.


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