Lie No More: The Mentalist

Posted on: September 29, 2009


I failed in dispelling all belief that Patrick Jane has a love interest.

Come on, the close encounters, the you-gaze-and-I-gaze-into-our-eyes moment… Classic! Jane should be sent straight to Love Drunk Hell. The man obviously has feelings for his psychiatrist.

Should I be upset? Distraught? On the verge of a mental breakdown? I should consider…

Emotional outburst aside, today’s episode of The Mentalist truly blew me away thanks to the result of two happenings: Deborah Ann Woll guest starred and talk about altering one’s morality through technology surfaced. Ok, so out of the two, the latter was way more captivating. Why? Find out in a few. 😉

Today, Jane cracks a case which is dear to his heart: one involving his psychiatrist AKA suspected love interest. How does it all link up? See, his psychiatrist quit her job to become a scientist working on a research on morality alteration through breakthrough technology. However, the sticky and tricky parts come when her research partner is “suddenly” poisoned at a convention.

Hmmm, smells like conspiracy.

So the rest of the episode goes like this: Jane’s recollections on his time of recovery (from depression I suppose?), the whole breakthrough technology was all a sham (turns out a year of research has been falsified) and lo and behold, Miss Deborah Ann Woll winds up dead half and hour into the episode. Shame she only scored 75 seconds of fame throughout the series and no promise to return (they killed her).

Well, True Blood made up for the loss. Thankfully. Jessica is such a pleasant and carefully complex character to watch. 😀

And hence the episode rounds up with Jane planting a soft kiss on his (suspected!) love interest’s “cheek” (actually, it was a fingertip away from her lips). “Goodbye Sophie.”

Ah, farewell unrequited loves. 😀 If, you guys know what I mean.
(Coughs, Lisbon and Jane, coughs!)


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