Midnight Confessions: The Accident of the Acute Senses

Posted on: September 21, 2009

I understand that citizen-journalism has been popular of late. Hence, allow me to journalise away.

At around 12.48am, I happened to hear a shrill noise over a pair of earphones that were stuffed into my ears. True to my guess, it was due to a killing of brakes. Then, the worst case scenario played out in my mind: Was I to peer out of the window and catch a glimpse of a lifeless body thrown 2 metres away from the point of impact? (Of a car, I supposed.)

Luckily enough, the killing of the brakes followed by a sharp thud (Potentially the meeting of 2 cars; tail of one to the head of another.) were 2 cars, one a cab, that met a minor accident. Peering out of my window did not exactly give me a full view of the scene, thanks to the obstruction of nature (Pfft, trees.), so I brisk-walked out to my balcony for a clearer one.

Lo and behold, the 2 drivers were already out from their vehicles and thankfully not heatedly involved in a negotiation. In fact, they seemed very calm. Maybe it was attributed to the fact that their accident happened right in front of a Neighbourhood Police station.

I know. What are the odds?

So the cab driver began to snap photos of the driver’s car he harmed (It was a black car. The damage was pretty unclear, considering how it was shrouded by the darkness of the night.), while the driver walked about. Calmly.

Could I have not emphasized the calmness more?

Then, miraculously, a police car turned into the driveway of the police station. At that moment, the black car driver made the first move by briskly crossing the street to the police station (The accident happened on the opposite side, as you would have guessed by now.). He seemed more anxious now.

The cab driver followed suit.

Thereafter, the men were involved in some negotiations with the police (2 as well). It took some time but they returned to their vehicles anyway. The drivers went straight for their seats. Not to take one though. They were getting something.

The cabby grabbed a notebook, while the other… I was not too sure. (The night can be such a cruel shroud.) The cabby then jotted some notes down while noting the driver’s license plate number.

After which, I have no idea what transpired. Maybe the men hugged it out and made peace? Maybe the driver reversed, further damaging the cab’s front?

Well, I did hear some screechings when I was in the midst of writing this post. They could have driven off to claim insurances which would mean I, could be merely suffering from a case of fertile imagination.

Though, a little speculation cannot hurt, can it?

Update: I checked. They are really gone. Looks like another ugly settlement, averted. ;D


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