Reliving The Fab 90s: Take That

Posted on: September 20, 2009

As I brought up the topic of Take That (famous 90s pop English band) with my mom today, she commented that the band was not the same without Robbie Williams. Initially, I begged to differ. Later, I decided that Everything Changes sounded less exuberant without Robbie. I guessed that since he was the lead singer for the song, naturally, it would sound different without him.

Nonetheless, take a listen to these 2 versions of Everything Changes and determine, for yourself, if the lack of Robbie kills the exuberance:

The official music video of Everything Changes (When Robbie and his cute hair were around).

The 4-men band and their rendition of Everything Changes on the Beautiful World Tour.

Apart from that, their energy and vocal quality have not differed much throughout the years. More videos of the English band after the exclamation mark!

Sure. Look out for the kooky netted tops on the boys. Not to mention Gary’s. Does he not look adorkable?

Pray. Probably the only song I can confidently sing-along to. Pretty shamelessly too. (Dancing included.)

Relight my Fire. Very disco-pop. Again, look out for the boys’ dressing. Love Mark Owen’s in this one. 😛

Back For Good. Bring on the waterworks people. This has to be the most nostalgia-inducing song by Take That. It also reminds me of that episode (3rd? 4th?) in the korean drama, Coffee Prince. You know, the one where the male lead prepares a mini picnic for his sweetheart at his cafe.

Apart from the creepy stalker of a woman in the music video, I considered the band’s rendition of How Deep Is Love the best by far. This only proves that sans Robbie, the group is very much alive and awesome.

Thank god for Gary. Thank god.


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