True Blood Season 2 Round-Up: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

Posted on: September 14, 2009

Awkward, awkward, awkward
is how the beginning of the episode should be aptly commented on.

Seriously. Egg-licking, undressing and Maryann snugly fitted in Sookie’s Grandmom’s wedding gown? Ok. I knew that Maryann was twisted, but I never knew how twisted she could become!

The episode kicked off with the mysterious egg which turned out to be nothing more than an ostrich egg. Apparently, an ostrich egg is supposed to represent fertility and such. Hence, the choice. Meanwhile, Lafayette screams at Sookie to undress (most awkward moment ever) so that she could slip in into the bridesmaid dress. Thereafter, she is told to be the key figure of the ceremony (Maryann’s marrying “her god”.). After all, Sookie in distress always meant Prince Sam in some shifter form will come to the rescue.

Ah, Yahtzee. Now, who else could this game be tagged to but Sophie-Anne, Queen of Louisiana? As usual, she disgusts me with her dramatic and lofty performance, punching out all true maturity to the character. This time, Eric takes the place of a recently departed Bill (he returned to Bon Temps for Operation Save Bon Temps) in the game of Yahtzee. Teasingly, the Queen says that the game is played till a player reached “five million”. To make matters worse, Eric is on a losing streak. Things get nasty and shaken up when the true Queen’s intentions are revealed.

Not before she mounts on Eric and plants a wet one on his lips. Yuck and double yuck when she has her mammoth-like fangs out. Hmm, possibly horny Eric revealed his fangs after the smooch.

Triple yuck.

Moving on, believed to be conspiring Sam and Bill finally arrived at the scene of mayhem: the lawn of Sookie’s residence. Then, Bill was the one to offer Sam in exchange for Sookie’s safety which distresses the lady even further. Desperately clawing at Sam’s hand, it became seemingly difficult to reach especially when Eggs had a firm grip on the man and was dragging him away. All that misery and chaos could not have made Maryann happier.

The scene continues with Sookie shrieking “Sam! Sam! Sam! Sam! Sam!” which Bill firmly holds her back. Later, he assuredly whispers “Use your own powers, Sookie.” when she cried “Use your powers Sam!” before Eggs stabbed Sam with the sacrifical knife. Consequently, Maryann smears a streak of Sam’s blood down her neck. Ugh.

Gosh. Those were the worst minutes in the episode, ever. I was nearly bawling when Sam turned pale and spoke to Sookie telepathically. He sounded frail and close to the Ripper’s front gates, so that made me prepare for the worst weeping session.

“Sookie, Destroy it.”

With that, she used her fairy powers to topple the ugly and smelly offering (the one made with human organs, some Bon Temp resident’s finger, and stuff from nature) and pretty much everything in her capacity to ruin the procession.

Did I mention the awful, vaguely tuneless and imminent sounding wedding march played with violins at the beginning of the procession? Oh, it nearly spoilt my dinner.

Anyhow, Sookie kind of saved Bon Temps from evil Maryann. She diverted the maenad’s attention (from the procession) and raced through the woods while helplessly calling out to Bill. I wonder why she entrusts her safety in that man. Some more Eric and Sookie action could spice up the finale…

However, it was good ole Sammy. He appeared as a bull to fool Maryann into thinking she has finally met up with her god. He proceeds to impale her with one of his horns, reminding me of how awesome rated dramas are. All the unadulterated gore and violence. HBO for the win!

Sam scores… And he wins. Returning to human form, he tunnels his arm (which was the horn that impaled her) out from Maryann’s chest with a ragged breath. Presenting, a bleeding Maryann (black and bloody) and Sam throwing her freshly dug out heart to the ground like a touchdown. This goes to show: The good always triumphs the evil.

Subsequently, Sookie embraced Sam in a sigh of relief. The man is alive. Plus, may I say, what a tender moment that was. Sam; hero, sweetheart and such a dear.

Tender moment was ruined shortly after when Bill stumbled out from the woods looking paler than usual. It turned out that Sam drank plenty of him. Well, Sam should have drained him while he could.

With Bon Temps returning to normal, Sookie instructs Jason and Sam to round up all the residents at her lawn and get them home. Gah, another reason why small towns remind me so very much of kampungs. Full of community spirit, that’s what.

Simultaneously, Eggs is busy rubbing blood out from under his nails and from his hands in Sookie’s kitchen. By his side was Tara, worried as a mother about his frazzled condition. Eggs was not taking the whole event easy. Interestingly, he speaks about “looking for Maryann”, probably for help, but my gosh, has he even been alive for the past few weeks?

I cannot help but believe Maryann has been intensively possessing him to the extent where he was lost all his roots of rationality and mental analysis. Thank god for Tara sticking by him. She seems to be the only clear-headed survivor of possession.

Scenes later, Sam sits by Sookie’s porch, forlornly staring at a deer in the woods. He shed a tear. Hmm, for all that time in True Blood, that is the first time I am seeing the man breaking down. Don’t get me started on my bawling session now.

Days later, oh yay! Merlotte’s Bar and Grill has resumed business and Sam is increasingly being looked upon as “a man who can wear his jeans”. Hot stuff. Sookie has no idea what she is missing. More talk on Mountain Dew and even more unabashed Lafayette ensues. Yes, he is back. Hallelujiah!

More Sookie-and-Sam hugs too. Man, I am starting to get used to it.

Talking about Sam, he goes back to his adoptive parents to find out more about his heritage. Turns out, his parents are “bad” and people he “would not want to know”. So terrifying, it sends shudders down my spine. However, his adoptive dad (now bedridden) cuts Sam some slack and illegibly pens down his biological parents’ name and address on a piece of paper, which is handed to Sam.

I sense trouble.

Maybe Tara was right about feeling sick about lingering trouble (at Bon Temps?).

Ending was fairly feel-good between Jason and Andy but I could be speaking too soon. Trouble is, Jason shot Eggs (out of defending Andy) and Andy is taking the rap for it. Oh-oh. Tara bursts out from Merlotte’s with a strangled voice, screaming, “No! No! NOOOOOOO!”

Ending also includes Bill bringing Sookie to French restaurant (humans love it) with the intent of a marriage proposal. Tragically, Sookie had to ponder in the ladies’ room. After many pondrous moments later, a pair of black gloves move swiftly to wrap a silver chain around Bill’s neck, pulling him off the chair. Sookie exits the toilet, runs to Bill with a “yes” but is greeted with a wrecked dining room instead.


This brings us to: Does he live? Die? Does Sookie get to successfully deliver her “yes” to the groom? Is Eric behind the strangulation? Did Eric sense Sookie’s feelings about Bill’s proposal and send for someone to wipe him out? Could it be that Bill’s inquisitiveness on the V trade getting him into hot soup?

Hem. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst… Watch out for True Blood Season 3 coming to TV screens at 2010.

Till then, speculate away! (That’s what keeping the forums busy.)


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