And the banter is all mine.

Posted on: September 14, 2009

Before I run off to another True Blood banter or how odd I view the Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard rumoured romance, let me fill you in on what is going on in the world of the girl-with-the-endless-banter-about-TrueBlood:

  1. Elementary Watson, Elementary I know when I have crossed the line to become a full-fledged impulsive buyer the moment I talked myself into signing up for the Watsons Loyalty Card. However, in my defense, the card allows me to earn bonus points which will eventually translate to rebates. Other than that, it is a green, hard plastic card that makes me purposefully when I do my regular shopping at Watsons.

    After all, I am a loyal shopper. Might as well fashion my loyalty into a card.

    Cheers to more impulsive spending  and shopping binges.

  2. Seek mom’s advice I shall For being a bloody rebel, I failed to heed my mom’s advice on using clay masks on my (entire) face. That costed me… A lot. Now, I have scaly skin on a few spots on my face.

    I am beginning to feel like cicada undergoing molting. Guess I should have sticked to T-zone.

  3. The wonderous search for a suitable pair of cropped pants If there is any time to refuse using the word “perfect”, this would be it. I know deep in the recesses of my mind that I will probably never own designer pants so I will cut myself short right this instant.

    It cushions the fall and lessens the pain.

    As for the search, I have been scourging Uniglo (I seriously doubt their clothes are made from Japan. Hello? Quality speaks, and it is telling me plenty.), departmental stores (Chanced upon a pair going at S$130 at Isetan. Had to hold on to pillar to catch my breath thereafter.) and Bugis Street (Daisy-duke shorts seem to rule the world now. So much for them I am not interested in, sadly.). All of which is to no avail.

    Ah well. I was seriously considering Uniglo, but I might have second thoughts. I strolled past Giordano at the Takashimaya outlet and lo and behold, I found a S$29.90 pair. Colours are ordinary (e.g. Black), but who cares? I go for basic colours anyway. All the best to mix and match tops.

    I might be saving for it. Might. (My Watsons shopping impulses might empty my pockets quicker than I expect.)

  4. Kiss The Cook Well, I am merely a Sous Chef, truth be told. No, I do not work for a restaurant (I wish!) neither am I whipping up feasts for house parties.

    I have been temporarily recruited as my mom’s Sous Chef. My mom being the Head Chef of course.

    Cooking has been one of my holiday resolution, so I have set my heart, soul and mind to it. One baby step at a time. Recently, I have been summoned by the Head Chef to prepare half the ingredients needed for a salad for dinner. Specifically,  I was told to chop canned mushrooms to teeny tiny bits and tomatoes (off with the seeds) into crescents. Also, I have handled a chinese cleaver.

    The experience was less than satisfactory resulting in two fresh blisters on an  index finger, but I still have the fighting spirit in me. It was owed largely to my lack of practice and skill.

    After all, I was far from a cooking whiz. (I do not burn my food but I sure can make a mess out of them.)

  5. Battle of the languages Another one of my holiday resolutions was to brush up my french as well as to pick up another language. Frankly, my mom intends for me to become a multi-linguist. (Aye-yai-yai.)

    More importantly, I wanted to practice my french because I am continuing in Basic French (now in the second level of the Beginners’ Level. I am making progress!) once my second semester begins in October. It is going to be an uphill battle for me now, considering how I have no “background” to speak of. (I was able to cope with the first level because I told a similar course in Alliance Francais. I took it again in school just as a refreshers’ course.)

    Wish me luck!

    Oh, the other language I am training in now is Bahasa Melayu. (Mom’s the coach.)

  6. I’m addic, I’m addicted to you…

    No, this is not some desperate cry to Alexander Skarsgard, telling him how much I love his portrayal of Eric and how sexy he sounds in Swedish…

    Then again, oops, you caught me.

    In fact, I am addicted to TV dramas once more. The rated, in-your-face, totally unabashed American kinds. I am, indeed, a Showtime and HBO girl. Atypical girl is what you can call me. Or at least atypical girl in her taste in series genres.

    Currently, I am glued to Dexter and Hung.

    (On Dexter) I got to admit. Internal dialogues are something I relate to… All the time.

  7. Ain’t No Sunshine Don’t say “ain’t” or your mother will faint and your father will trip over paint.

    Please refrain from flaming me. My mom told me about that fancy rhyme years ago. A short tongue twister to remind kids to refrain from using “ain’t”. It is consider improper in the English language and vuglar to some (people).

    With that said, what I meant to write about it my recent addiction to sunblock. Yes, I have taken beauty advices one step to far and slathered on plenty of that skin saviour cream to prevent premature aging and tanning. The beauty advice being to moisture (always) and apply sunblock whenever, wherever.

    Wrong move in our crazy climate. With humidity cranked up to the maximum these days, the supposedly “light” sunblock felt clammy minutes after application on my skin. To think I follow its directions on applying “liberally on affected areas”.

    Truly, the sunblock made me feel like a walking slime machine… Of some sort.

    Note to self: Plaster sunblock discreetly on skin for any coming outdoor activities.

  8. To camp, to camp, to camp we go!It has been a week since I have attended a camp. Now, I am merely 30 hours away from another camp.

    I wonder what mood I will be in after all the dust has settled. Till then, off to camp!

  9. To clutch, or not to clutch? You know, clutches can be annoying. Yup, those rectangular creations fashioned to fit the bare minimum for a cocktail party or casual events. Though I attribute my impatience to my hatred for them.

    They are extremely pleasing to the eye but cumbersome for the hand. At times when you struggle to manhandle a certain task (like carrying tons of grocery bags), the clutch gets in the way and you are simply forced to wear the strap around your wrist and risk looking like a cheap clutch wannabe.

    Or maybe I happen to have a very fertile imagination.

    Either ways, I worked with a clutch for a day and I have told myself, “Never again”. Unless I am attending an exclusive event and my outfit depends on the clutch, I will firmly refuse the use of the clutch.

    Impractical, cumbersome and loathsome.

Ah well. I simply must retire for the night. Got a 4th episode of Dexter Season 2 to catch. Bon noir!


2 Responses to "And the banter is all mine."

I agree, clutches are a waste of time! I’d rather use a small handbag with a strap so that I can carry it like an ordinary handbag but still look glamorous.

Spot on Euis! This is another one of those proofs as to why we are BFFs.

Power to the people man. 😀

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