Catch-Up: True Blood Season 2

Posted on: September 11, 2009

I am mighty glad I am episodes ahead (weeks even!) of Cinemax in the second season of True Blood. Yup, thanks to the wonderful world wide web, I have been gaining access to each and every episode with (almost) ease, without fail for consecutive weeks following June 14th (US airdate).

So happy as a candy, I am eagerly awaiting the season finale this coming Monday. Well, it should be Sunday but that is the American telecast. We are 12 hours apart. Tragically.

While we wait, let’s lay down the episodes as they have already aired:

#1 Nothing But The Blood: Miss Jeanette ends up dead in Andy Bellefleur’s car, Tara was whisked away by Maryann (as well as the start to all the Bon Temps mayhem) and Sookie and Bill made up after a major, almost silent agrument (you know, the trust issues). Also, we found out Lafayette is alive but not kicking as much; considering how Eric has kept him enslaved in the basement of Fangtasia.

#2 Keep This Party Going: The beginning focused on Bill and Sookie getting all mushy in bed (too painful to rewatch when I have to) while Jason takes up the opportunity to take part in the Fellowship of the Sun’s summercamp. Well, anti-vampire camp to be exact. In other matters, Lafayette tries to escape but ended up hurt. Eric further tortured him and then paid Bill a visit regarding Sookie’s services. Cue infamous line by Eric, “Poorly played Bill. Poorly played.” The episode concludes with a Hamby family mess.

#3 Scratches: Creepy woods and a maenad equates to Sookie keeling over in pain and agony.  In other world news, Jason though mostly simple-minded, becomes surprisingly receptive to the Fellowship of the Sun’s (FOTS) warped image of vampires. However, he was coaxed otherwise. Then, upon Sookie’s uncovering of Lafayette’s disappearance  promptly confronts Eric. At Merlotte’s, Sam undergoes a rough time and decides to take a break. Also, Jessica and Hoyt meet for the first time. Episode concluded with a far too revealing midnight swim. (Not meant in a visual way.)

#4 Shake and Fingerpop: Bill walks on Hoyt and Jessica involved in intimate acts, much to his disapproval. Later, Bill, Sookie and Jessica embark on a trip to Dallas, in search of Godric (the missing vampire whom Eric felt so touchy about). Back at camp, Jason has been recruited to be a Soldier of the Sun while at Bon Temps, Eric offers his blood to Lafayette (to heal the injuries he sustained in episode 2) based on his curiosity towards anything Sookie found endearing. Soon after, Eric receives a call regarding trouble at Dallas. Meanwhile, Maryann rouses more mayhem and worse still, it is at Sookie’s residence. Back at Dallas, Sookie meets a bellhop (Barry) of her kind at a light-tight hotel, Hotel Camilla, where she and Vampire Bill and Jessica reside.

#5 Never Let Me Go: Introducing the new member to the Shapeshifter family… Daphne! That was much to Sam’s delight, then knowing he was not alone. Meanwhile at Dallas, Sookie remains fascinated with her discovery of Barry. In Camp FOTS, Jason is becoming increasingly involved in the Soldier of the Sun’s matters. As for Maryann, she is caught, once again, agitating frenzied ripples on the calm waters of Bon Temps. Tara invites Maryann to stay with her at Sookie’s. (Poorly played Tara, poorly played.) At Dallas, Eric’s anxiety over Godric’s disappearance becomes apparent to Bill while Lorena makes an unwelcome entrance.

#6 Hard-Hearted Hannah: Trouble brews with the entrance of Lorena, considering the fact that Eric summoned her for his selfish reasons. Well, the winner takes it all. Meanwhile, Sam and Daphne engage in a more intimate relationship. As for Sookie, she gets into some serious trouble with infiltrating of the Light Of Day Institute (also headquarters to the FOTS), the location believed to have held Godric captive. For where Maryann is concerned, Tara and Eggs are beginning to suspect that they are dealing with a force way above their control. In other matters, Lafayette is ordered to deal with V once more while the episode ends with the cruel deception Daphne puts Sam up to.

#7 Release Me: Lo and behold, Andy witnesses the messed-up orgy organised by Maryann and rescues Sam at the nick of time. At the Light Of Day Institute  (AKA L.O.D.I), Sookie is still held captive as Bill remains relatively powerless under Lorena. Oh boy. Rather creepily, Tara and Eggs suffer from short-term memory loss once again while Daphne talks to Sam about how Maryann… As a maenad. Jessica and Hoyt share a beautiful scene together as Jason flees from an agitated Sarah. Things take a turn when Daphne meets her end and the basement of L.O.D.I is wrecked with chaos. Or is there?

#8 Timebomb: Yay yay, yipee yay! Godric has saved the day! So the once-captive-now-hero might have averted an unsightly and disturbing situation involving Sookie, but there is no rest for the wicked. He orders Eric to safely escort Sookie out of the L.O.D.I. Much flirtation and assurance later, Eric becomes the prey, FOTS, the predator. An orderly showdown takes place by the church of the L.O.D.I where Jason fires a paintball gun at Steve Newlin, ceasing any further brutalities. Sookie frees Eric. (Surprise surprise.) Bill arrives only after escaping Lorena and all the Dallas vampires retreat to a nest. As Godric preaches about humanity and co-existence with humans, Luke (a fellow FOTS devotee) enters with several explosives strapped to his chest. He pushes a button.

#9 I Will Rise Up: Naughty naughty naughty; Eric fools Sookie into sucking silver bullets from his chest even after Bill walks in on the two. Maryann becomes creepier while Sam literally ends up being a fly on the wall. Sookie and Jason are more bonded than ever… Though nothing beats those between Sookie and Eric. Eventually, Godric sincerely embraces the light of dawn.

#10 New World In My View: More Sookie and Eric fantasies ensue as Sookie and Jason finally returns to Bon Temps. However, it has drastically deteriorated. Maryann has created a mess out of Bon Temps and demands for Sam. Sam, on the other hand, has desperately locked himself and Andy into a walk-in fridge to escape her clutches. Later, Sookie is seen to possess some unworldly power (one to possible overcome the maenad once and for all). At the meantime, Bill seeks the help from the Queen of Louisiana about the ugly bull-headed creature.

#11 Frenzy: Most difficult episode to watch to date yet endearing all at once. The unlikely duo, Andy and Jason, sets off on a mission to save Bon Temps while Sam seeks help from Eric, the other vampire he knows besides Bill. We also know that Eric can fly, Karl is now dead (Poor butler. He was so hard at work.) and Maryann hordes a mysterious egg in Sookie’s house! Eek! Oh, not to mention the dread vampires have for shifters. Hem.

Truth be told, the 11th episode was merely a filler for the series. It was to satisfy loyal viewers who crave their bit of supernatural romances and mayhem in a one hour slot. Hence, many questions are still left unanswered (maybe the finale will?):

  1. What are the Queen’s true intentions (on Bill)?
  2. Vampires coaxing Lafayette to deal V? What is that about?
  3. Is Alan Ball entering the Sookie/Eric realm faster than we have thought?
  4. Is Maxine ever going to accept Hoyt dating Jessica once she comes out from the trance?
  5. More importantly, does the finale mark the demise of Sam? (I highly doubt this.)
  6. Will there be a future for Eggs and Tara?
  7. We are all getting tired of the maenad conspiracy. I know I am. Is the series finally expelling Maryann after the finale?
  8. Will there be deaths in the finale? (For the less vital roles of the series, like Arlene, Terry and such.)

Boy oh boy. This Monday sure is taking some time to arrive.


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