There is always more that meets the eye: The Mentalist

Posted on: September 8, 2009


I knew it the moment I watched the first episode of The Mentalist. Something brutally honest and unforgiving of Patrick Jane drew me to him like a moth to the flame.

Oh well, I got my time’s worth every time I watch The Mentalist on Tuesday nights. It keeps and may I say, always, getting better everytime.

Today, Patrick Jane has solved yet another murder but what was interesting was how he left his past unsolved. We all know Jane has gone through a rough patch and suffers from major insomnia. On top of that, he probably has to duck in every way possible, considering how he pisses people off with his frankness most of the time. Also, he rarely shares insights to his past as all we know of it is how his wife and daughter were murdered.

That keeps me pretty worried every time he displays a cheeky smile. Is it merely a facade? Did he manage to tuck his history away at the depths of his mind? I doubt so.

Back to today’s episode, a softer side of Patrick was revealed: Upon hearing from a psychic (whom he doubted from the beginning of the episode) that his daughter died unafraid, he crumpled his face into an emotional mess the moment she left the room.

Boy, that scene will be difficult to watch if you are the teary, runny nose and tissue-to-nose-and-eyes kind of person.

Now, that is what I enjoy about the show. Emotional at all the right moments. It really makes all the effort to strain your hearing to the (show’s) endless dialogue worth its while.


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