Chick Flick Alert: The Proposal

Posted on: August 28, 2009


“… Stop! The love you save may be your own
Darling, take it slow
Or some day you’ll be all alone
You’d better stop the love you save my be your own
Darling, look both ways before you cross me
You’re headed for the danger zone…”

It was a get-together. There was simply no movie we could settle for… So we went for The Proposal.

Welcome to your typical chick flick. The one with strange families, a warped marriage and the love-at-first-sight moments. Yes, hold your tears girls. Spoiler alert after this sentence.

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret Tate, a wretched boss you hope you will never get while Ryan Reynolds (Andrew Paxton) is the ever faithful secretary to Margaret. Both works at a publishing house. Details aside, yes, Sandra goes all Miranda Priestly on everyone in the office, including Ryan; the unfortunate but endearing victim.

Just when you thought the impossible was truly impossible, Tate springs a surprise marriage due to citizenship issues. Also, she loves her job too much to let it go. Guess the corporate ladder was quite difficult to climb during her time. Anyhow, she proposes to Andrew, who grudgingly accepts. After all, she made it pretty clear to him.

If she loses her job, his is as good as gone too.

So cue the tragic violin music and let’s begin our road trip to weirdness.

First of all, he brings her home to his family. A weekend getaway. Well, he had to attend his Gran’s birthday. The timing of all events could not have been more coincidental.

Apparently, he lives in Sitka. A lovely seaside town in Alaska. Actually, he lives in New York City, but Sitka is where family is. One bumpy plane ride (it was transfer flight) later, the couple arrives at the pleasantly scenic location and was greeted by a forthright Granny played by Betty White (Golden girl!) and his awfully friendly mother. Hmmm, where is dad?

After an introduction of all sorts, the two set off with the family in tow to the Paxton’s picturesque home. On the way, Margaret could not help but notice how all the stores in the town begun with “Paxton”s. Turns out Andrew’s family is far from poor. Margaret was beginning to bite her tongue from critising Andrew’s background before.

Oh, nothing could have been more awkward after the boat ride to the Paxton home. The two had to play pretend and announce their engagement in front of dozens of closest relatives, family and friends at a mini welcome gathering. How Margaret wanted to get the weekend and marriage over and done with. Andrew shared the same sentiments. Or so we thought.

Both turned in early and tons of crazy events happened after.

After the loony happenings, Margaret could not help but notice the closely knitted Paxton family bonds and was nearly driven to tears in several occasions. Then, she put her foot down (also wearing a Princess Leia inspired gown. 1929 fashion, apparently.) and denounced the wedding… During the wedding. She simply could not see through a forced marriage.

Too sudden, too soon. She agreed to be deported and left Sitka.

A couple of days later, she is seen to be cleaning out her office. Immigration was applying the brakes on her career. Her life is New York City was over.

As she totters out of her office in sky-high black pumps, she catches her breath at the sight of Andrew. He begs her to reconsider the whole personal “I want to be alone” theory and ends up smooching her. Those breathtaking, classic Chick Flick kind of kisses.

Months (or weeks) later, the couple reunites and is wedded.

First of all, the movie had plenty of cringe-worthy moments. It was no Time Traveler’s Wife kind of meaningful romance dramas. It was those kind of made of the sake of producing Chick Flicks for those individuals who crave a lousy but satisfying weekend watch at the theatres. Something like (fill in the blanks with a lousy chick flick of your choice). Nothing intriguing. Nothing worth paying for.

Second of all, I was glad to have spent money (strange as it seems) on a movie where I could identify a couple of familiar faces: Craig T. Nelson (Blades of Glory, The Family Stone), Malin Ackerman (The Heartbreak Kid. Annoying first wife to Ben Stiler. A pain in the rear and creepy too.), Aasif Mandvi (Music and Lyrics… Who could ever forget the nasty lyricst?) and Oscar Nunez (The Office! No wonder his face rung a bell! The Accountant! Oscar!). Oh! Not forgetting the Golden Girl, Betty White. 😀

Thirdly, how weird was the granny going tribal scene? Random and completely irrelevant. Not to mention it being a cheap laugh. Cue forced laughter.

Fourthly (let this be the last), eagles grabbing dogs? Since when dogs were preys for eagles? Does it have to do with the breed? Anyhow, it was a ridiculous take on how threatening life can be for a canine.

All in all, horrid romantic comedy. Failure to Launch and The Family Stone were way better Chick Flicks I paid for in the theatres. Definitely not the best movie Sandra was being casted in.

Final Verdict: If there was anything, go for Final Destination and watch people get butchered in 500 different ways for an hour and 10 minutes. Way better investment. 😀


1 Response to "Chick Flick Alert: The Proposal"

You didn’t like it? It was pretty funny. The grandma was weird though. Haha, but I prefer Sandra in Miss Congeniality. Now, that was a classic movie 😀

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