True Blood 10th Episode Review: It keeps getting better!

Posted on: August 25, 2009

Now, this is the reason as to why I am hooked on the tube. Drama, romance and everything in between. It is a sandwich of all odds!

First of all, the first couple of minutes sure made plenty of  Eric/Sookie campers delightful souls. So much so that I am beginning to get used to seeing less of Bill and Sookie moments.

OH, bless Season 2 for having more Eric air-time. 😀

Then there is simple-minded and determined Jason. He is such a helping hand in this episode; rescuing Andy and Sam, assuring Sookie… I like how Alan Ball de-lust-ified this season. No more sketchy ladies and sex appeal thrown across the television screens.

Praise that!

As for Maryann, she is indeed getting under everyone’s skins. Viewers and cast alike. Her role as a maenad is becoming increasingly disturbing to watch, especially after what she did to Sookie’s house. Unforgivable!
Not to mention the creepy tree she constructed by the front door.  It reeks of raw meat, vegetables and heaven-knows-what.

I am so glad I need not deconstruct it.

Bill. Stranger and stranger by the minute. He is half-pissed by how Eric made Sookie drink from him (I will spare you the details), hence becoming more a part of her than ever. That I know. Though the way he approached the Queen of Louisanna’s nest (whatever it was)… Puzzled me. Now I am kept wondering if Alan is going all the way in adapting from the Stackhouse novels.

If he is, my am I going to rant about predictability and happy as ever that I switched romantic camps prematurely.

Sookie, Sookie, Sookie… I have no idea which is more unfaithful: Her keeping her fantasies with Eric from Bill, or her keeping her fantasies with Eric from Bill. It sets me pondering: When will she truly approach Eric about those fantasies? It would really be quite a scene to watch out for.

Or maybe I could be behind in the knowledge of True Blood Vampires. They can feel what their humans feel, right?

I guess we will receive an Eric/Sookie treat real soon…

Recently, Lettie Mae has been surprising me. Her sudden devotion to Tara is wary yet fulfilling. It is like watching a soap opera whenever their scenes come on. You seriously have no clue what her mother will do next, or how Tara is going to deal with her mother. For now, I am glad that both mother and daughter have been reunited. 🙂

Lafayette! Glimpses of his life with Eric in it makes me want to stifle a giggle. Remember the fourth episode? “I like you.”

Like I said, it keeps getting better!

Now we all have to wait with bated breaths to see how Sam survives with the immortal of Maryann alive and about Bon Temps and how the Queen of Louisanna will grace the screens to save the day.

Or night.

Till then, next Monday afternoon awaits! (True Blood airs at 9pm ET/PT on Sundays, so it will be 10am the following day for us. You do the rest of the math.)


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