The Law and I

Posted on: August 25, 2009

“… The way you walk, the rhythm when you’re dancing
Every inch of you smells of desire
You’re such a rush, the rush is never ending
Now you got it, you’re wow, wow, wow, wow
You got it, you’re wow, wow, wow, wow…”

Research shows that if you have a song playing in your head, that is far from mental. What it could possibly mean is that the song is in relation to your current feelings.

Now, try piecing that song with the first paper I sat for today: Business Law. Yes, that song is about how some man turning a woman on, and it played in my head during Business Law?! Since when did I consider Law fascinatingly hot?

Obviously, my insecurities of studies has gotten to my head.

What I thought (after an hour of thorough analysis) of it was, I was blown away by the surge of brain cells to my head. Probably the rush from seeing the paragraphs of answers I could scribble in the answer booklet. Maybe, just maybe.

Or maybe I have some inappropriate feelings towards the Law.

Who knows?


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