True Blood: Third-Quarter-Season 2 Review

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Truthfully speaking, Season 2 of True Blood is all kinds of crazy… But I love every minute of it.


First of all, the Bill and Sookie relationship is close to tiresome. I have no idea why cheese seems to be the adhesive of their love bonds. No offense, I rather Sookie change camps and move over to Eric. Eric might be a tough nut to crack, but at least he has less cheese on his platter.

Keeping in mind those descriptions were meterphorical. I very much emphasize that.

Besides the overbearing Bill-and-Sookie, Maryann’s arrival seems to be taking on quite a presence. Apart from voodoo-ing the entire community to participate in wild orgies, she gets all fired up at the mention of Sam Merlotte. Some history she had with him, but in all conclusions, her insanity (yes, she cannot go on killing and hosting orgies forever) needs to be explained by episode 10 or 11. At the very least.

So far, Season 2 has given most of the characters more depth. In a sense, most has substance and that is hard evidence that the series has been progressing since the first. However, the second season of True Blood has taken a backseat in reality. This is frightful and worrying all at once.

In the first season, the strained relationship of Lettie Mae and Tara, Sam’s pain of never being Sookie’s affection, Sookie’s fear of losing Bill time after time, Arlene’s failed marriages and later-discovered-to-be-psychotic fiance (Rene) and Jason being framed from crimes he never committed highlighted the struggles in life. Bearing witness to such happenings everyday, it was not unusual that the series rung a bell somehow.

Disappointingly, the second season chose a beaten and familar track. Much to cringe about and scream, “cliche!”

In sum, I hope Alan Ball will re-visit the dark reccesses of reality soon.

After all, Six Feet Under did pave the way for dsyfunctionality.


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