Just My Imagination

Posted on: August 18, 2009

“…But it was just my imagination
Runnin’ away with me
Tell you it was just my imagination
Runnin’ away with me…”

I must admit that I had a weekend. A weekend filled with tremors and terror. Okay, maybe some side-tracking too.

In a nutshell, I had one “mind-blasting” weekend. So much so  I was kept up for the first night (Friday); thanks to the Thai horror flick, 4bia. It was so scarring that I had to have my favourite pooch as my bedtime company.  All that happened at what, 3.55am in the morning?

Obviously, I needed to shock myself at some other place and at some other time. Which, to mention, is slowing but surely ticking away by the split-seconds.

You see, I have a major, important final examination to sit for next week and I am coming in and out of pacing and rushing (in studying for the papers). I sound crazy and fickle all at once, but I am assured that this week is more of a scare than the 3 horror movies I had sustained throughout the weekend.

Let’s say my brother has started his university education this week. Timely. Very.

I considered it to be a wake-up call as university life sure sounds a whole lot hectic than now. Just when I was moaning and groaning as to how many projects I had to cram in 8 weeks, my brother has a project due almost instantaneously. I am talking about since school begun a day ago.

Well, I used to scare myself about life as a Polytechnic student.

Now, Polytechnic life is not as terrifying once I intergrated myself in it.

Simply put: I think too much. Fin.


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