Memory, all alone in the moonlight…

Posted on: August 2, 2009

“… I can smile at the old days
It was beautiful then
I remember the time I knew what happiness was
Let the memory live again…”

I just put “un” in “healthy” when I paired a bowlful of greens with a full-fat mayonaise dresssing, peppered with sugar and charged with the zesty juice of a lime.

Home-cooked meals can never get any better.

This weekend has been surreal. Saturday came and went like fine sand slipping through one’s fingers. My how time flies.

Now here I am, staring into a dimmed screen and calming uneven heart palpitations. Also, I have placed a glass of Vitamin drink at arms’ length. My laptop sits comfortably on a dining table while my mobile phone lies atop a handbook on HOTA.  The screen on my mobile is pitch black.

Somehow, somewhat, I am looking forward to its illumination.

Thoughts, unreadable thoughts lay scattered in my head. I remember that I have to accomplish something important, but for now, it is something that is out of sight, out of mind. Momentarily. I pause to feel a subtle breeze coming from a bedroom, one that causes strands of hair to quiver. Peripheral vision. The cause of hypersensitivity of the senses.

I suddenly smell apples. It could be the cause of eating too much sliced-apples-cubed-dragonfruit-lettuce-pieces-and-segmented-tomatoes salad for dinner. I could be reeking apples. Then again, I could paying too much attention to my sense of smell.

Out from nowhere, the voice of Michael Jackson pipes through the tube. “You are not alone…” Goodness. What a scare. It was my mom flipping through the channels and chancing upon a Starhub’s Demand TV ad. Michael Jackson: Live at Bucharest.

Never been there, watched that.

Now, I smell something burnt. Toast? I wonder which neighbour left his/her toast in the oven and forgot about it. Ah, deductions. How absurd. I should be working on my school work.

Thoughts; as I ponder about how much I am fond of keeping quiet, I ask myself, “What is it the cause?”

I guess I will never know. Wearing a frown and maintaining a habitual slouch is so much easier.


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