Posted on: July 17, 2009

“… Gotta make a change
For once in my life
It’s gonna feel real good
Gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right…”

There are times when I wish to drop everything, sit on a park bench at the most serene segment of a pleasant-enough park and see my fingers fly crazily about the keyboard, typing down an abstract tale of something which I will probably send to my Recycle Bin years later.

Wishful thinking, maybe. Though it is not exactly difficult to accomplish. Truthfully speaking.
(I should consider it as one of my retirement plans.)

I want so very much to be inspired to write all over again. See elaborate words, figures and punctuations marks. You know, the works. Maybe write a couple of book reviews for a competition, here and there. It would be an ample break from my course in Accountancy. Hah, to think I should be liking numbers. Crunching numbers, to be exact.

Well, who knows? I might just turn at a bend and end up at a different career path.

Nothing is eternal… Unless it is written in stone.


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