I just can’t, I just can’t, I just can’t control myself

Posted on: July 14, 2009

“Don’t blame it on sunshine
Don’t blame it on moonlight
Don’t blame it on good times
Blame it on the boogie”

So here I am again. Wasting away what is left of the Monday blues, idling the final 12 minutes to Monday on blogging. Bad choice at the time when a graded classwork and a common test for Macroeconomics await me this week and the next respectively… But hey. There has got to be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me.

Just as much as I hate to bury myself under pages of reports, mind numbing clattering of the keyboard (all my friends say that I type real hard, even ruthlessly on my laptop), 400 looming deadlines, and staring at the laptop screen wondering if it is going to blank out at any moment (technology fails), it happens as it happens.

Gosh. Seems like I really do have one ticking time bomb of a head. No wonder my friends hail me as one stressed out, over-reacting kid.

I have to say I am doing my utmost to walk and not run (though sometimes running is paramount).

Today, I accepted an opportunity of a lifetime. Tomorrow, I have to live up to my acceptance. Though truthfully speaking, I am forgoing the thought of tomorrow. Like Ronan Keating croons, “If tomorrow never comes…”.

In any case, knock on wood.

Hence among this scattered rantings and constant struggle to cramp the world’s happenings into whatever space there is in my head, I shall put an end to (guess what, it is midnight as I speak!) to this spectacle and go…

Say say say/What you want/But don’t play games/With my affection/Take take take/What you need/But don’t leave me/With no direction



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