What are your pet peeves?

Posted on: June 19, 2009

Nothing in the world to rant about and inhaling god-knows how much fumes of nail polish later, here I am blogging about pet peeves. Seems like the weather could not keep me from rambling.

Okay, pet peeves. Let me see. My pet peeve is an annoying voice in my head that stomps on every piece of positivity in the same head of mine. Yes, let’s say that it is not necessarily an evil occurrence. What is paramount about it is that it could possibly conscience stepping in. Or maybe I might be slightly loony. Anyhow, it serves as a good wake-up call most of the time.

Next up, lousy weekend line-ups of television programmes. I hate it, especially on a Friday night, when there is nothing to watch on television. Not only it makes a horrible start to the weekends, it kind of brings a mild gloom to what the stations can offer on Saturday and Sunday. What is worst is when they push all the fine programmes on Sunday, and you have to go to bed early because the next day is a work day.

What else…

This particular pet peeve took me some time to get over — smudging nail polish. For me, I do not usually sit around and wait for the wet nail polish on my nails to dry. That is the problematic aspect. Now that is solely nobody’s fault by mine.

Verdict? If you cannot find peace with yourself and solve these pet peeves, go to bed. You obviously need a good night’s rest to keep you from worrying so often.


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