Nothing like your average Dracula: True Blood

Posted on: June 19, 2009

True Blood - V Juice

What is True Blood? True Blood is a one stop emotional roller coaster ride from start to end. It is also a question of morality and a constant search for one’s true identity. With all that in mind…

You are advised not to take the series too seriously.

Well, what True Blood actually is is a bottled synthetic blood which comes in various blood types, created by the Japanese, for the vampires. It is also a title of a hit HBO television series by creator Alan Ball (you guys may remember him from Six Feet Under) which is an adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

Not to mention it being my next television addiction from Supernatural. Got to admit it is getting more out of reach for me ever since Channel 5 stopped airing it from Season 2 onwards (they bought stupid Ghost Whisperer instead).

What attracted me to this wonderfully humourous and witty yet dark and sinister series was a captivating portrayal of vampires. It was novel to bring out the vampires as mainstream, integrating them into society. At first, I saw it as representation of homosexuals in today’s society, but creator Alan Ball advised viewers that it was nothing of the sort and to have fun with the plot of the series. Guess I was thinking much too much.

Back to the portrayal, you see, compared to tween-romance saga Twilight, True Blood had a more mature take. Call me biased, but I am very much in favour of made-for-adults series. I was long over the days of  One Tree Hill. No more Chad Michael Murray!

Besides that, wit won me over too. Twilight just played on cloud-nine romances and too much… tween.

True Blood also hosts a diverse mix of characters. Take Sookie for instance. She is a telepathic waitress who works for a boss who lusts over her most of the time and when he is not, he is getting bitter over his seemingly only contender of love, Bill Compton.

Then there is Bill, a lone vampire who thought love was all lost for him until he met Sookie, who he introduces to his boss, Eric. In comes mayhem and possibly another contender for Sookie‘s attention.

There is also Tara, Sookie‘s best friend and a spiteful Bon Temps resident. She is a daughter to an alcoholic and is in between love. Well, if you watched the season 2’s premeire, Tara‘s love life may have met its bright beginning.

About the boss of Sookie, he is Sam Merlotte. An awfully sweet and caring individual, but never suitable enough to run as a suitor of Sookie. Oh, did I forget to mention he is a shapeshifter? Hmmm… Who else?

Ah! Layfette. He is a cook for Merlotte’s Bar and Grill… Once. Seems like he has ran into a bit of trouble with the vamps.

Last but not least, Sookie‘s infamous brother, Jason. He had one too many girlfriends, an innnocence of a six year old an a physique of a model on the cover of a fitness magazine. If you thought he would not be the centre of trouble in the second season… Boy are you wrong. Seems to me it is all beginning to warm up. Bit by bit.

The rest of characters are one too many to mention. So I am leaving you the choice of watching the series (the second one just started approximately a week ago) and explore each and every one of them on your own. With a series this wholesome, why would you resist giving it a miss?

For now, I am not sure if Cinemax intends to have re-runs of the first season soon, but you may catch it online and continue with the second. I simply google for the videos. They is no definite video-hosting site that is reliable enough at the moment. Sadly.


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