Going Solo anyone?

Posted on: June 7, 2009

With a cover that attractive, I simply could not resist plucking it off the racks under the recommendation genre of the month section at the national library, “Romance”. Let us all be reminded to never judge a book but its cover.

Jill Mansell‘s Solo is very well one of those hardly digestible romance novels that leave you staring blankly at  every turn of the page. Besides staring blankly, I had also sped up reading with skipping multitudes of pages at once. That was why I finished the novel in a day, within 6 hours odd. Not to mention the novel being 65 chapters or 506 pages long, however you wish to look at it.

I might have been better off reading the second Harry Potter instalment. (Which I constantly remind myself how wayward I am; stuck at such a stage when others have polished off the series… Whole.)

(Aside from that, I got to admit British wit and humour is something I cannot understand…)

But! Hope is not all lost. In the bag of books I have earned from a trip to a library last evening, I have… A Fodor’s guidebook of San Francisco, Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl, Charlaine Harris’s Dead To The World (this is nothing but to satisfy my cravings for True Blood. I have gotten aloof waiting for the second season.) and some other romance novel with a tinge of thriller and mystery; Kathleen Eagle’s Night Falls Like Silk.

Let’s all hope upon hopes that I might be halfway done with that pile of books by the end of the next three weeks. After all, forecast tells me that it will be filled with nothing but the glorious wonders of work.

Got to concede defeat to it somehow… Anytime, but not now.


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