Life’s a Prison Break and we all know it.

Posted on: June 3, 2009

I am as delighted as a weasel that Channel 5 has finally smartened, and is graciously airing Prison Break three times a week.

Absolutely gratuitous. 😀

Aside from zexy Miller, the boy whose eyes you might be lost in forever, acknowledging Season 4 to be final run to freedom has heightened my anticipation to view what the production team has doled out for us. Unveiling the first episode of the finale is like uncovering a Pandora’s Box – all the mishaps and mayhem thrown out into the open.

If you think the pursuit to freedom is as easy as tossing a coin in the air, let us all remind ourselves life is not a bed of roses. Although we are to stop by the bed once in a while, roses will wither then rot to crumbs of parched petals. That is exactly what Prison Break is portraying.

Firstly, the Michael and Sara reunion. That might be a minor happily-ever-after tale in the complex and realistically upsetting plot that wraps the show right round, almost harshly wringing it. However, the happy dance can be quickly dissolved as it was thoughtfully choreographed, as life is not a piece of sweet pie in Prison Break. The Company, alike the crazily soon-to-be forgotten Dharma Initiative, has a sneaky background no one has an idea about. Only the production team, who is wacky enough to spin out such a fictional organisation. I hope The Company remains as furtive as possible. The chase to strip it down to its truth very much excites me.

Secondly, the amazing team that has been roped into a warehouse of all sorts (the temporary hide-out for Michael and company). We have:

Bellick, who is too thick in the head to think straight (but an obedient follower through and through);
Sucre, the loyal and devoted member who goes out of his way if you get into his books;
Lincoln, the pillar of strength, the constant, the rock of it all;
Mahone, observant, clever, always looking high-strung but has a vulnerable side that makes you want to rush up to him and comfort;
Sara, analytical, pillar of strength for Michael and such an engimatic (there is too much I want to know more about her) and lastly,
that Asian dude with the accent whom I have yet to commit his name to memory.

Anyway, go figure. He is one talented identity theft I do not want to mess with. If he was chosen solely due to his specialty, I have no comments just yet and too simple a mind to be watching Prison Break.

Now, we all know the bunch of men are trapped in mad chase they cannot give up on. With the government handing them an offer they simply cannot refuse (a waivered jail term, translation: freedom and a clean slate to their official records), the men are out and about, once again, to crack Scylla, a mysterious “Black Book” of The Company. Getting hold of Scylla, apparently, is as fine as buying the government over.

Shifting the attention away from the plot, let us also look at how clever the writers planned the actors’ dialogue. If you strained your ears or made your brain work on overdrive during the episodes, do pay attention to interesting analogies and puns. For one, there was “Think we’ve got enough time?”. That happened between Michael and Lincoln, seconds after he walks in on a seemingly calm Michael who erased a blob of blood which seeped out from his left nostril. Breaking it down, you would have realised it was an analogy to Michael’s worrying condition.

Also, “Seems like you’ve had a bad Mexican”. Momentarily off-putting, but hey. C’est la vie.

Ah, Prison Break never gets old. Even when you thought all was lost and that the series has no longer made sense of life’s mess… Think of this concluding chapter – the final wake-up call.

Get on your mark,
ready? Get set…


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