The Happening

Posted on: April 30, 2009

My left, congested nostril warns, “You’d better turn in early.” However, my right, clear nostril argues, “I can last a couple more minutes without sleep. Work’s paramount.”

Yes, I will be damned if I do not start on work immediately (even though I am kindly blessed with a long weekend).

So before I begin figuring out Microsoft Excel all over again, I have decided to take some time off, just like what a concerned friend of mine had advised me to. After all, there’s always tomorrow. Today was far too long a day. (11 SOLID hours spent in school!)

To begin, allow me to wish my wonderful, crazy, awfully honest, hazardously-in-love with Kelly Clarkson mate, Jeremy Tan, a jolly birthday. Yeeharhhh partner! 18 years of existence. You oughta celebrate! (Cheers to being legal enough to drive in Malaysia.)

Got to mention plenty of wild events that have been happening for the past months. Recently, my friend and I were nearly victims of monkey rage. Yeah, you got me right. That chimp was far from jovial. Weeks before, I was caught in the thick of the Youth Olympic Games. Cheering, mobbing, and all of those sorts… Downtown. Yes. We were proud to be loud.

Apart from being a true blue noisemaker, I have adopted a new hairdo not too long ago. Turns out that I am in one of those transformation phases where I decide to lop off half the length of my hair. The hair I painfully grew out since Secondary Three, just so I could attend prom the following year with a nice perm. Gone were the days.

That was not the end of it. Isabel, my half-sister (we look similar even though we are not related by blood), cut her hair on the same day I did. I must admit my new hair length was inspired by her. Had the sudden urge to trim all those excess length off. Like I have been telling others, “Time for a change.”

Not long after my new hairdo sprouted on my head, school begun. I swore every shred of fun was squeezed out of me. It was definitely time to get serious… Fast. After all, close to half a year of merrymaking (we had almost half a year off after our O Levels before Polytechnic begun proper), including the NPP, sure got me laughing. Now, the official start of school was no laughing matter. A week later, I was shivering like a hairless Chihuahua in an unfamiliar place in a lecture theatre.

I should have been catching the gist of the lecture. Instead, I was catching a flu.

Fever stuck me for the next day. I recovered by the third. This morning, I felt it creeping up on me. Thankfully enough, it was all but a mild warning. Should I forcefully push myself when I am still recovering, I will probably end up in a sorry state all over again.

For now, I will temporarily bid baggy sweaters, gym pants and warm breath. It never did me any good.

Back to work!


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