I am back. I kid you not.

Posted on: April 19, 2009

This blog has been inactive for nearly a month. Where was I? You are about to find out right… now.

To kick off breathing life into this soon-to-be-dated blog, let’s start with something recent:

I am sipping on hot chocolate while I have my standing fan on speed 2, blowing wind directly at my face. Yes, I am actually savouring a hot beverage on this sweltering day. I am clearly not thinking straight.

Though frankly speaking, who can ever resist hot chocolate?

I spent 14 hours out and about yesterday. Attended my third Youth Olympic Games (YOG) assignment. My first two were street roves. You heard me right. I was randomly exclaiming, stomping, cheering and dramatically running downtown for an entire weekend (two weeks ago). Yesterday, I street roved (again) and made plenty of noise at a concert. To emphasis, PLENTY of noise.

A week ago, I was down at Ngee Ann Polytechnic squeezing life out of my lungs. What was I doing? Facilitating a bunch of students for my faculty’s orientation camp. Hello BAOC! (Business and Accountancy Orientation Convention). I was a proud member of Ghetto Rap, to which we owned an extraordinary signature clap. At the end of the camp, I walked away glad, knowing that the Best Student Coordinator for Ghetto Rap deserved the title, as well as achieved, for an enthusiastic group and successful performance.

Recently, I have received my Ngee Ann Polytechnic student card through snail mail. Felt utterly relieved. No more hassle in loaning books from the library! YAY!

I begin school tomorrow. Officially. How time flies.

My laptop can pose as a major distraction. Thanks to my lappy, Milk, I have forgone reading four novels I have loaned from the National Library. As such, the novels lie scattered, around non-strategic locations about my house (not at places where seeing it would haunt me into reading them).

This question bugs me. Should I or should I not retain my notes from the modules I sat for during my Preparatory Programme? (As I speak, the notes are tucked into a folder, slotted among folders on my shelf.)

My feet cannot breathe in my 2 months old ballet pumps. Apparently, my sweat refuses to regulate appropriately and now, I am stuck with stinky feet at the end of the day (after wearing those pumps).

I am beginning to wonder why are flies are shedding its wings on my bed. Curses!

I have to admit that playing  Burnout Legends turned out to relieve stress… Effectively. Go road rage! (I do not support real-life road rage. Let’s be clear on that.)

If you have not met Blobby… It is (high) time you should! Blobby is the mascot for CAN!, which stands for Create Action Now! CAN! is a festival initiated by 18 undergraduates who share one mission: getting youths hyped for the YOG in 2010. For more information as to how you can be caught in the thick of fun, either as a participant, organiser or volunteer, jump by

I owe it to the humidity to attract an unwanted pest in my bedroom. Pest, be gone!

Alright, I shall put an end to all this rant and begin swatting away those pesky flies…


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