Chappy and I

Posted on: March 14, 2009

My new lappy, Chappy, is a Fujitsu S6520NP.
It is a day old, has a warm bottom (thanks to the slightly poor ventilation system) and a screen a half bigger than my face.
It is black, and proudly flaunts a cover sticker that reads, “Fujitsu Lifebook”.

I will be cam-whoring with it soon enough.

For now, I am absolutely tempted to lug it around with me when I am on the move.
Though frankly, I must say I will conserve all that energy when school properly begins.

Hoorah to mobile PCs!


1 Response to "Chappy and I"

If you want to ventilate your laptop, don’t go around buying the balls or whatever it is to put under your laptop. Go green and use packs of staples or plastic bottle caps! My brother did that during his poly years.

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