The List Goes On

Posted on: January 31, 2009

The weather must be suppressing. So much so that I am experiencing a mild tension induced headache.

Either that or I was too enthusiastically chewing on bak kwa* at my POA teacher’s place.

(*bak kwa: think pork jerky.)

Right. This week ended on a rather cheerful note. My tutor for Business Communication treated the entire class to Pizza Hut for lunch. Trust me, I went for lunch thinking otherwise.

What a shock I got.

The lunch happened after an unnerving class presentation. Our first group presentation. Golly. My gosh.

I was trying my hardest not to nibble my lower lip off. Truly, to ad-lib for a presentation was a tall order for me. Considering how I worked better with a fall-back-on plan like a script.

It was a huge leap.
Daring, but rewarding.

After it all, I felt extremely grateful to my cooperative team, who stuck through hours in discussion rooms and endless explorations around campus. You guys, are simply the best.

One more thing. (in typical Steve Jobs style. gosh. i feel evil for ripping the man off.)
The presentation was a beginning. There’s more to come.

Namely, this coming tuesday. Individual. Alone. An hour to concoct the perfect blend of words and everything that’s required in the judging criteria.

Times like that, I wish group presentations happened more frequently…

After all, they did warn us that the Ngee Ann Preparatory Programme (NPP), the programme I am currently studying under, for 8 weeks, is just the start of a mad run to the finish line.

Noted. Shall breathe calmly and deeply while standing, sitting and in a prone position during the March to April break.

For now, headache, be gone.


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