Supernatural Fandom: Everybody Loves A Clown

Posted on: January 9, 2009


First of all, I have to admit that there are two reasons as to why sitting through this episode was so darn painful:

  1. Hello! Bruise on Sam’s right eye. (Let’s hope that heals. Nicely.)
  2. Papa Winchester was wiped out from the face of that fictional world. Pain to the boys and more importantly, concern of a possible meltdown. Especially Dean.

Secondly, if you hate clowns, turn away from your computer screen. Pronto.


So the episode begins with a carnival. It sure looks innocent enough, but the entire scene may be twisted both ways. In Supernatural, it’s pretty obvious which way it is heading for…

A couple and their pre-teen daughter is seen hanging out, looking at typical carnival fares until something amiss stands of in the distance.


Sure, the kid must love clowns because however apparent that creepy aura about the clown is, she seemed unfazed. Completely.


The “Hello there! You look friendly and approachable!” look.

I can’t blame her. I have this in-born prejudice towards clowns. If not, deep resent. Don’t that pastel white face and red nose look sinister all at once? Brrr.

Moving on, day turns to night and well, it’s time to head home. To up the already-oozing-with-creepiness factor, the camera pans to a seemingly long drive home… In pitch-black darkness.


Again, out of the corner of the kid’s eye, the sinister clown stands hidden in the night. And in complete kid’s innocence, she tries to bring the mysterious being to her mother’s attention; but fails.


Clown watches the tail lights of the car as it zips past and down the winding road…


Deep into the night, the young girl knowingly wakes up, as if compelled to do so.


Turns out, the Clown has plans. Hypnotically, the girls rushes down to let the Clown in. Firmly, invitingly.


SNAP! to the title card.

Season two’s first chapter was a definitely eventful. First, we saw Dean on the brink of death while Papa Winchester survives with a couple of cuts and bruises. Then BAM. Papa Winchester makes a deal with the yellow-eyed demon and before we know it, he’s dead.

That leaves a devastated and remorseful Sam and a “Huh?! Where am I?” Dean. In comatose, he has been (nearly) to hell, and back.


Nursing wounds (from the accident in Season one’s finale) and now earth-shattering heartbreak, Dean has more to deal with than ever before. Watching his father slowly but surely turning to ashes before his very eyes was nerve-wrecking to watch. You can clearly see it in Dean’s eyes that he’s close to a nervous breakdown, but holds it all together beautifully, heroically, being and also trying the hardest to be the constant in Sam’s life.

Sam is disgruntled through and through. And is not afraid to let it show. Pay close attention to his expression in the following screencaps.



Fast-track to a week later.


Dean’s performing repair-work to his wrecked Impala which only goes to show how much he treasures it. To the extent where he distrusts proper car repair services to do the dirty work for him.

Dirty. Works for Dean.

Covered in dirt and grease, he slides right out from under the Impala to a recovering grief-stricken Sam. You know there’s something Sam has to discuss with Dean and it definitely isn’t an everyday issue like busting demons and cracking wild jokes. Sam, hand in pocket, awkward stance… It has got to be something.


Dad talk. Clearly healing the car of its damages was a distraction for Dean as he tries his very best to avoiding all possible conversations about Papa Winchester. Sam wants Dean to thrash his feelings out, but Dean dives head first into escapism and crassly replies, “You know what? You’re right. Come here. I’m gonna lay my head gently on your shoulder. Maybe we can cry, hug, and maybe even slow dance.”

Dean isn’t going to deal with his father issues. Not now. At least.

However, Sam was quick to whip up another assignment for the boys. Starting with a mysterious phone call made to their dad from a I quote from Dean, “chick”. Ellen surfaces to replace the once anonymous identity of “chick”. Who could she be?

With the Impala still under repairs, the boys found a temporary transport: Bobby’s beat-up van. Hello Roadhouse Saloon. That, my friend, is the answer to questionable Ellen.


DEAN: “This is humiliating. I feel like a friggin’ soccer mom!”

Dean desperately seeks his rock music. The Impala. Always.


Walking in, we see a dingy bar and a guy snoozing on a bar. Snoozing guy will be later known as Ash.
The boys strolled right in until they went off to explore in singles.

A gun cocks.


Next thing we know, a blond girl, Jo, has a rifle to the back of Dean. Calmly, Dean handles the situation with precision… Only to be triumphed by the girl.

He clearly hated that.

Out comes Sam, also held hostage by another lady. This time, we have finally come face-to-face with Ellen. As Dean had called out for Sam’s help and with Sam replying to his difficulty on rescuing Dean, their names had suddenly sunk into Ellen. “Sam? Dean? Winchester?”, Ellen queried.


Subsequently (upon acknowledging their identities), her stern expression immediately cracks when she lets loose a “Son of a bitch” in typical Dean fashion. She sure must have been telepathically influenced. One way or another.

What a welcome.


As Dean ices his sore nose, the boys go full on with the questioning. Ellen to Papa Winchester, Papa Winchester to demon, the Winchester boys to demon-hunting. Now, this is when Ash is thrown into the picture.

An unconscious Ash hurriedly sits up from his slumbering state. Moments later, Dean plays the cruel cynic by downplaying the claimed smartness of Ash.


Thereafter, Ash recites term after term relating to the demon-hunting business, surprising Dean. Getting up to leave, Ash coolly states a 51-hour research period where he will find out what is there to know about that coveted demon.

DEAN: “Hey, man?”
ASH: “Yeah.”
DEAN: “I, uh, I dig the haircut.”
ASH: “All business up front, party in the back.”

One of the best quotes in the episode. Gotta love Ash’s final quirky reply.

Meanwhile, Dean is once again distracted (by Jo. EHEM. EHEM.) while Sam stumbles upon a fresh hunt. First hunt in the season. Let it be good.


More talk ensues about the hunt. Clowns. Finally. We are getting a headstart in the derailing from Grieve-town. It’s for the best. Mostly for Dean.

DEAN: “Well, I know what you’re thinking, Sam. Why did it have to be clown?”
SAM: “Oh, give me a break.”
DEAN: (laughs) “You didn’t think I’d remember, did you? I mean, come on, you still burst out crying whenever you see Ronald Mcdonald on the television.”
SAM: Well, at least I’m not afraid of flying.”
DEAN: “Planes crash!”
SAM: “And apparently clowns kill!”

Break it off boys.

And they do!

They delve into the case until Sam confesses to taking up this potentially hard-to-handle hunt as it would have been what dad wanted. Dean incredulously spits, “What Dad would have wanted?” Dean isn’t convinced.


Evil Clown seeks another victim and this time, he does it in a funhouse. A dad is desperately trying to convince his son the funhouse is a scary place to be, but boy humours his dad over his game console. However, out pops the Clown from a reflection on a glass panel, instantly freaking the boy out.

Dad soothes boy’s nerves and says, “Don’t be afraid of clowns. They’re nice, they’re your friends.”

Oh no you didn’t man of son.


Late into the night, the boy wakes his dad up to a frightening sight: Clown sinisterly smirking at dad. “You were right! He is my friend!” boy exclaims.

SN202_275.jpgOh, I guess I left out the part where the Clown ACTUALLY RIPS PEOPLE TO PIECES. Terror. Yes. Pure terror.


Hot on the trail for the killer Clown, the duo ends up at a carnival searching for any possible leads. Okay, I know Sam was merely stating a fact, but the way he phrased it was worthy of several brow-raising. No doubt about that.

SAM: (scowling) “More murders?”
DEAN: “Two more last night. Apparently, they were ripped to shreds. And they had a little boy with them.”
SAM: “Who fingered a clown.”

DEAN pauses, giving SAM a weird look.

SAM: “What?”

Good one Sam. Being sexual without even trying at all.

Later, the boys take up jobs at the carnival. This all comes after a harrowing escape from an unfortunate encounter for Dean.



DEAN: “Excuse me, we’re looking for a Mr. Cooper, have you seen him around?”
BLIND MAN: “What is that, some kind of joke?”

He pulls of his sunglasses; he’s blind.

DEAN: “Oh. God. I’m, I’m sorry.”
BLIND MAN: “You think I wouldn’t give my eyeteeth to see Mr. Cooper? Or a sunset, or anything at all?”
DEAN: (quietly, to SAM) “Wanna give me a little help here?”
SAM: “Not really.”
SHORT MAN: “Hey man, is there a problem?”

DEAN turns, then looks down to see an extremely short man in a red cape.

BLIND MAN: “Yeah, this guy hates blind people.”
DEAN: “No, I don’t, I…”
SHORT MAN: “Hey buddy, what’s your problem?”
DEAN: “Nothing, it’s just a little misunderstanding.”
SHORT MAN: “Little?! You son of a bitch!”
DEAN: “No, no, no, no! I’m just, could somebody tell me where Mr. Cooper is? (SAM laughs) Please?

That scene never fails to crack me up. 😀


Upon securing the job, Sam goes about with his EMF detector in the funhouse and receives a strong and positive feedback from a plastic skeleton hanging from the neck, by a noose. The search is blazing!


Sam calls to inform Dean, who rushes over (he was clearing the trash elsewhere in the compound).


In the midst of his scramble to Sam, the visually impaired man whom Dean had an encounter with appears before Dean, warning him about getting too involved in affairs he shouldn’t. Dean quickly tunnels himself out of the interrogation.


He meets Sam and coincidentally, the two witness the sighting of a clown, who happens to seen only by children. Very much like the clown they were looking for.

Score one.


The brothers stake out the family whom had a “meeting” with the Clown. Dean falls asleep at the wheel after a long wait.


Soon after, there’s movement. The girl (third victim in episode) as if by intuition, figures the phantom Clown is waiting for her to let him in. Of course the girl doesn’t know he’s unreal.


In a heart-stopping action sequence, the Winchesters save the night and the girl’s parents! However, they were in aghast to the strangers’ intrusion, goes all hysterical, prompting the boys to scram. Pronto.


After a drive, the boys decidedly ditched the van they were staking the family out in to avoid crossing the paths of the law. After all, the true intentions of the two breaking in the house the previous night were unclear. If there’s anything, the cops should be well on their rear.


Talking a walk, Sam needles an answer out of Dean about dad. Obviously, Sam hasn’t gotten a decent answer from Dean all that time after the untimely death of their father. He wants one. And he wants one now.


And oh boy, he gets one.


More supernatural crime busting, which rounds up scenes later. Apparently, the visually impaired man is the evil doer himself. In a final battle that takes place in the funhouse, Sam stabs the Clown with a brass pipe from a pipe organ.

Evil has vanished. Once and for the entire episode.

Back to Ellen’s drinking joint the boys go. Ash presents them with no more than nothing as the demon, he claims, has yet to show himself. He will, though, keep them in the loop when it does. Show up, that is.



Did I mention Ash attended M.I.T? Yeah… The boy is not to be undermined.


Jo bids farewell to Dean. (I see chemistry! And peeps, no science is involved here.) Ellen offers the brothers a bunk-in. Brother Dean refuses.

Car comes first.


Dean goes on to work on fixing his precious Impala. Sam wavers. Speaks. Bares it all about dad and the deal about him with dad. Leaves Dean to pick up working on ride again.


Now, this is the part where the episode gets it’s poignant finish.

As I have been endlessly jabbering throughout this recap on how Dean fancies his Impala, what he has to do to his Impala in the following description will both captivate and transfix you in the emotions pouring out of the man (Dean).

He has been protecting himself and his baby brother Sam from the sadness there is all that while. Utterly subdued, he applies all man force on smashing the window of another car within arms’ length, before wrecking the trunk of his Impala.


After the emotional outburst, he turns to where Sam has left (after confession) and get this: his lip trembles.

I’m reading all that out of a transcript from Wiki. Lip trembling.

We don’t see that often. Especially on Dean.

This episode was a winning formula between hilarity and heartbreak, without the cheesiness. By God, kiss the scriptwriters who made this all possible.



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